Thy Way And All Thy Sorrows



Thy way and all thy sorrows,
Give thou into His hand,
His gracious care unfailing,
Who doth the heav’ns command.

Their course and path He giveth
To clouds and air and wind;
A way thy feet may follow,
He too for thee will find.

On Him be Thy reliance,
As thou wouldst prosper well;
To make thy work enduring
Thy mind on His must dwell.

God yieldeth naught to sorrow
And self tormenting care;
Naught, naught with him availeth;
No power save that of prayer.

Leave all to His direction;
In wisdom He doth reign;
Thy wonder far exceeding,
His will His course maintain;
So He as Him beseemeth,
With wonderworking skill,
Shall put away the sorrows
That now thy spirit fill.

Give, Lord, the consummation
To all our hearts’ distress;
Our hands, our feet, O strengthen;
In death our spirits bless.

Thy truth and Thy protection
For evermore we pray:
With these in heav’nly glory
Shall end our certain way.

Thy Way And All Thy Sorrows Hymn

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