The Works Which I Do Bear Witness of Me



Holy Son of God most high!

Clothed in heavenly majesty,
Many a miracle and sign,
In thy Father’s name divine,
Manifested forth thy might
In the chosen people’s sight.

But, O Saviour! not alone
Thus thy glory was made known;
With the mourner thou didst grieve,
Every human want relieve;
Far thy matchless power above
Stands the witness of thy love.

Thou, who by the open grave,
Ere thy voice was raised to save,
Didst with those fond sisters shed
Tears above the faithful dead;
Even thy word of might appears
Less resistless than thy tears.

Lord! it is not ours to gaze
On thy works of ancient days;
But thy love, unchanged and bright,
More than all those works of might,
More than miracle or sign,
Makes us ever, ever thine.

The Works Which I Do Bear Witness of Me Hymn

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