Plug-In Profits — Just Another Scam Or The Real Deal?

— 3 Step Money making formula — yeah right!
— No Experience Necessary — sure I’ve heard that before!!
— $40000.00 per month in earnings — how many times have I seen those claims before?

Well the three steps are not at all a money making formula, they are just the three steps to getting your website. “Build it and they will come”. Yes it is a very good website but as I am sure you are aware, unlike the above quote, the internet does not work like that You will only get visitors from your marketing and advertising efforts.

The training provided in the 30 days to success guide is very good. Yes you could probably get some results with out any experience. You would need to be an exception to the typical internet newbie, and be able to focus entirely on the training process and not get distracted by the various other offers made by the numerous websites you will be referred to along the way.

$40000.00 per month. Well that is the claim of Stone Evans, “the Home Biz Guy” who is the founder of the program. He certainly provides plenty of evidence that this is a true statement. Just remember like all of these successful internet marketers, they make that amount of money because they developed the program and are at the top of the system. If you are looking at using these types of systems and they can be very useful and profitable, However you will never match their earnings. Your expectation must be to use it as ONE OF your income streams and as such you would need to set your expectations based around how much time and money you are prepared to spend promoting it.

Like most products offering a pre-loaded website you get it for free. In this instance it is a very comprehensive site.

The program is based around joining 6 key affiliate programs. The affiliates are some of the best going around like Success University, SFI Marketing, and Traffic Swarm.

As you may be aware these programs are not all free to join. This may be an initial deterant. If you were interested in Plug In Profits I would recommend not to sign up for any of the paid programs to begin with. You can always sign up at a later stage. However You will need to sign up for a hosting account. This will cost $25.00 per month.

One of the best features of the system is the 30 days to success training program. So by the time you have gone through the training you will be able to judge the overall viability and suitability for yourself. At that time you can join the programs that require a monthly commitment.

The training is delivered daily to your email. It is also available to view in full in the back office of your website, so you could go through it more quickly if you wish. Each of the daily modules is about the right size and should not cause brain overload. If you are not familiar with the topics I suggest you just do one unit a day or even take a couple of days to fully absorb the concept and do your own research to see if you would like to implement that strategy.

During the sign up period and also in some of the training, you are directed to a variety of paid options for advertising. once again while I do support many of these forms of Advertising I would recommend that the training be completed before any additional capital were outplayed.

Overall, no it is not a scam, if you do your research you will find that it is a worthwhile program, probably better suited to those that have some understanding of the basic forms of internet marketing and advertising. If you are setting up or already have a home based business this would be a good platform to generate a solid regular income.

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