Playstation 2

PlayStation 2 (PS2) is the console of the video game of Sony second, the successor in PlayStation and the predecessor in PlayStation 3.

Its development was announced in March 1999, and it was released the first time in Japan on March 4, 2000, in North America on October 26, 2000 and Europe on November 24, 2000. The PS2 belongs to the sixth era of generation, and became fastest game consoles of sale in the history, with more than 100 million units embarked for November 2005, beating the holder of the preceding record, PlayStation, by three years and nine months. Plays Principal article: List of PlayStation 2 plays The force of the mark of

PlayStation led to the third strong support of the system. Although the titles of launching for the PS2 were not very impressive in 2000, the season of holidays of the saw the 2001 release of several good-being sold and the plays as a critic acclaimed. These titles PS2 helped the PS2 to maintain and prolong its wire on the market of video game console, in spite of the increased competition of launchings of Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. In several cases, Sony made deals of exclusiveness with editors in order to adapt its competitors.

The plays as a critic acclaimed on the machine include the large car of flight and the never-popular series of Final Fantasy (Enix square), the last two titles full speed out of metal, devil can cry and the devil can cry 3, the series of SSX, later the three titles of combat of ace, hearts of kingdom of the square collaboration of Enix/Disney, and marks of entertainment of computer of Sony of first-part such as Gran Turismo, SOCOM, series of rachet and rattling and Jak and Daxter, ICO, shade of the colossus, God of war and the champions of unexpected advantages of Everquest de Norrath and champions : To return to the arms.

The PS2 was also the house with many plays of music such as the last plays of GDR, and the newer hero of guitar of play of rock. Towards the end of March 2005, there were 5.277 titles PS2 released in the whole world, explaining cumulative sales of 824 million units. With the worms back-compatibility with the plays of PlayStation, the PS2 had a library released of software of 13.020 titles after 5 years and 27 days, although area-coding limits this completely severely, with 3.181 titles PS2 and 4.907 releases PS1 in Asia; 1.121 and 1.501 in Europe; and 975 and 1.335 in North America.0

Material PS2 can indicate the two compact disks and DVDs. It is towards the back compatible with older plays of PlayStation (PS1), takes account of the visual playback of DVD, and will play games PS2 in addition to discs compact-ROMANIAN or cheap DVD-ROM of high-capacity. The capacity to play of films of DVD allowed of the consumers more easily justify the price ticket relatively high of PS2 (in October 2000, the MSRP was $300) because it removed the need for buying an external player of DVD (indeed, it could say that the success of the format of DVD was partially due to the capacity of PS2 to play DVDs, because the format seemed to call upon the consumers more after the launching of the console).

The PS2 also supports charts of memory PS1 (for play PS1 only saves) and of the controllers as well. The controller duel of shock 2 of PS2 is primarily a shock PS1 improved duel; the similar buttons of face, shoulder and D-trimming replaced the numerical buttons of the original. When it was released, the PS2 had many avançés devices which were not present in other contemporary consoles of video game, including its ports 1394 of possibilities of DVD and expansion of USB and IEEE.

It was not up to 2001 late that Microsoft Xbox became the second console with the support of USB (1.1, with the Xbox-specific shape of casing) and DVD. (This assumes Nuon, a avançé coprocessor of graphs of player of DVD, is not considered a console.) even then, the accessory remotely separate required by Xbox to open the function of DVD and Sony could continue to launch the PS2 like able DVD out of the box. To note that compatibility with devices of USB depends device on support on USB on software on the aforementioned.

For example, the PS2 could not initialize an image of OIN of an ordering of instantaneous of USB – this problem was solved however with the edition of version 3.6 of the software of magic of exchange. On the one hand, Gran Turismo 4 can not save screenshots with a device of USB without any problem. Compatibility of software The support of the original plays of PlayStation was also an important point of sale for the PS2, leaving owners of an older levelling of system in PlayStation 2 and keeps their old software, and to give the new access of users to older plays until a larger library was developed for the new system.

Like additional allowance, the PS2 had the capacity to increase plays of PlayStation by accelerating the disc read time and/or textures to be added smoothing to improve of the graphs. While to smooth of texture was universally effective (though with odd effects where transparent of textures are employed), a faster reading of disc could make some plays does not charge or does not play correctly. A handle of titles of PlayStation (in particular solid speed out of metal: To fail special of missions) to run on the PS2 of the whole (the special missions does not identify the solid speed out of metal to the screen of exchange of discs, for example).

This problem seems to be rectified in the thin versions of the PS2, where the majority of the plays previously unplayable of PSone can now be played. It is a common false idea which exchanges it discs in a play (for example, because plays of multidisk or packages of expansion) is not possible on the PS2. The abnormal failure of the title above to its screen of exchange of discs could have given rise to this rumour.

The software for all the consoles of PlayStation contains one of four codes of area: for Japan and Asia: NTSC/J, North America: NTSC-U/C, Europe and Oceania: Stake, and China: NTSC/C.

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