Playing Longhand Limit Holdem Poker Games

To play longhand limit holdem you will have to understand the game as it is. In starting hands most beginners make mistakes. They simply play them too often. As the name says longhand limit hold’em is a game where patience is values the most, so a player should have patience until he or she gets the proper hand to play.

Once on the flop you can either have a good hand or have a second-best hand or just have a drawing hand. If you have the best hand it means you have either a three of a kind or a full house even. So in this situation you know you will probably win. It is recommended that you make others stick around as much as you can and get from them as much money as you can.

If you have the second-best hand then you should either treat it as a winning hand or fold. Yes, you should fold even with a great hand because being second won’t bring you any pots. A second best hand is something similar to Ac,Qd and on the flop Kh, Qc, 4s.

A drawing hand is a hand that holds a great drawing odd. So, if you have for example two hearts and there are two more on the table. Then you can draw for a flush but be careful not to draw for a second best hand because it is not worth it as illustrated above.

These were the winning possibilities you have on the flop in longhand limit poker. If you are already on the flop and you have nothing at all or a low pair that has no value, then it means you have chosen a wrong hand to play, it means you should have probably folded pre flop and now all you can do is fold. Pay attention – a hand that has a drawing possibility is not “nothing”.

Above you have been presented with some basic strategy for long hand limit poker. The good thing about this game is that almost all situations can be compared with others and no tricky hands can put you in difficulty. You only have to remember that when so many people are playing and you are not holding the best hand, someone probably does. So fold when you should, especially pre-flop with very low hands or hands that have a low value. It should be easy enough if you are just paying attention to your game.

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