Plastic Vinyl Strip Doors

In a situation where you need to be able to allow unimpaired access to an area for forklifts and staff, but want to be able to minimize the incidence of dust and noise intruding into neighboring areas, then plastic strip doors are the perfect solution.

Plastic strip doors are a common sight in factories and warehouses around the world, and this is largely because they are so easily fitted, elegant in use, and completely usable. They promote greater efficiency in use because staff no longer need to waste time opening and closing doors, and effectively block areas off.

These vinyl strip doors can be installed very quickly. Simply cut them to the appropriate length and then fix them to the door frame or wall using the supplied fixing kit. The vinyl strips are clear, so staff are able to see through them and this will prevent accidents once they are in use. The strips can be cleaned easily using a normal cleaning fluid to ensure that they stay in good condition, and if they are damaged in use, individual strips, rather than the whole door hanging can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Actually fitting plastic strip doors takes very little time, and there are a number of options open to you. For maximum protection and to ensure that noise and dust are kept to a minimum, the strips can be staggered completely to effectively create a double layer of protection. A lower cost solution is to simply have a smaller overlap between neighboring strips so that fewer are required to cover an entire door.

The materials used in the production of these strip doors are fire resistant, and will self extinguish in the event of a fire, making them a very effective barrier between areas that will give staff additional time to escape in an emergency.

One of the most popular uses for plastic strip doors is in closing off dock areas from the main stock house or factory area without impeding efficiency in loading and unloading of trucks. Forklifts can simply push through the flaps onto the loading area, saving time and increasing productivity. One of the additional benefits of this installation is that the interior of the building is draft proofed by the doors, and this prevents staff illnesses and absenteeism.

There are a number of different versions of the basic vinyl strip door concept available to suit different purposes including tinted doors to prevent the glare of welding affecting staff in adjacent areas, and ribbed strips that are designed especially to be hard wearing in high traffic areas where damage might otherwise occur.

Thanks to their relatively simple installation, relatively low cost, and the range of different benefits that they offer in improving a both workplace efficiency and health and safety, these plastic strip doors are a sensible and cost effective addition to any facility. Provided that they are correctly fitted they are hard wearing enough to last for several years, and under most circumstances will not fail in use.

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