Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Who in their right mind would go to Mexico for plastic surgery? After all, isn’t it a third world country?

Mexico is not exactly a first world country, but, at least in its metropolitan areas, it is far from a third world country.

It is also home to a fine medical school at the University of Guadalajara, where a lot of American students receive their medical degrees. Guadalajara is also the location of the prestigious Institute of Reconstructive Surgery which has been educating physicians from around the world in the latest surgical techniques for over 35 years.

Guadalajara alone has more than 75 certified plastic surgeons and most of the hospital facilities are first rate. Another benefit is the culture of care you will find in Mexico. Unlike most US doctors who seem to be in an eternal rush to get their patients out of their offices, in Mexico doctors spend time listening to their patients’ needs and responding to their concerns.

Most of the doctors in Mexico speak at least a little English. Many of them have taken graduate courses or have done their internships and/or residencies in the States. Some are Board Certified by US licensing agencies.

In addition to Guadalajara, there are many fine plastic surgeons in Mexico City and the northern city of Monterrey. There are also many clinics along the Texas, Arizona and California borders, but there you are taking a bigger chance that the care will not be first rate. If you are considering a border clinic, take extra care in checking out the physicians and the facilities.

The cost of a face lift in Guadalajara is about $2500 US. A full suite of services including lifting the eyelids and forehead will run about $6000. These include your hospital or clinic stays.

Even Botox injections are substantially cheaper.

There are services such as Airlift, Inc., which is owned by a nurse, which arrange everything for you, from your flight down, your accommodations while in the county and the doctor, nursing and hospital fees.

In many cases, you can arrange to recuperate in a pleasant facility with round the clock nursing care. By the time most of the swelling and bruising are under control, you will be ready to return home with your new look.

There is a downside however. One of the reasons US care is so expensive is malpractice lawsuits. One of the reasons that Mexican procedures are so cheap is that malpractice is not recognized in Mexico. So, if something does go wrong, you will have no recourse.

However, thousands of Americans, Canadian and even residents of South America flock to Mexico every year for face lifts and other cosmetic procedures. I have been living part time in Mexico for over nine years and have many friends who have had successful surgeries.

Check out the credentials of any physician you are considering carefully, Try to get references. If possible visit one of these cities beforehand so that you can become familiar with the facilities available and you can meet with some of the plastic surgeons.

There is a large ex-patriot community in and around these cities. You can always find help and references by visiting with some of these residents, who are among the biggest consumers of this type of care.

If you have a little sense of adventure and wish to save thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, Mexico might be the place for you.

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