Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Estetica Brasil takes care of patients who are coming for plastic surgery in Brazil are generally originating from the USA, England, Europe, Africa, Middle-east and other countries. Special consideration is given to such foreign patients because it is understandable that they are stretching their local boundaries and so we make sure that they are well cared for.
Plastic Surgeons in Brazil are some of the most experienced surgeons in the world.
This is partly due to the society being very open regarding the body aesthetic, which has lead women and men towards a natural desire for improving the look of their body via sculpturing surgeries. This societal tendency has provided the fertile ground for the evolution of world-class medical schools, plastic surgeons and innovative techniques.
Estetica Brasil works with a few hand-picked Board Certified Plastic Surgeons by the SBCP (Brazilian Board for Plastic Surgery).
Come to Brazil for tourism and for Plastic Surgery, but the Surgery comes first.
Would you go to Paris or London and then no go out sight-seeing? But Plastic Surgery is anyways a surgery and as such requires the necessary time and rest for the correct evolution of the healing process.
Your mind should be set on having a healthy experience, and a fast recuperation period, so that when you go home you are ready to go back to your daily activities. If you have more free time, after the recuperation period, you can explore the beauties of Fortaleza.
You may be arriving tired from a flight into a country that is unknown. Yet, we will have arranged in advance for a driver to pick you up at the Pinto Martins Fortaleza International Airport and take you to your hotel, on the seafront, where your room will have been booked for you.
In case that you are limited to coming alone, we can provide a part-time or full-time companion to help you during the first days after returning from the hospital and for as long as you need, someone to help you with your medicines, your food, going to the toilet, etc., since you may be feeling discomfort when you move. Having to get out of bed at night to go to the bathroom, with bandages and soreness, can be harmful to you if you happen to fall.
With close to 3 million inhabitants, Fortaleza is the 4th largest city in Brazil. It is a tropical place, located on the north-east coast of the country, close to the Equator line, and benefits from a year-long sunny and mild climate. There are many interesting places to visit, including some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Most people here are relaxed and friendly. There are also many foreigners living here, so we seem to empathize with a stranger and you’ll probably get that feeling too. Most persons here don’t speak a lot of English but they will try to help you if you are friendly and ask for assistance. A pocket dictionary with a few phrases will help you a lot.
Your initial consultation will last about one hour; the plastic surgeon will examine your condition and determine the state of your health. You serenely and honestly discuss your specific needs and you get to see photographs of prior cases. You can ask any question regarding any aspect of the procedure. At the end everything should be clear to you.
If you choose to go ahead with your process of plastic surgery then we will ask you to compensate for the surgery after the pre-operation consultation. The fees are a fixed amount, not likely to be altered, unless unexpected event, like a change in the method of anesthesia, for instance.
You will receive a series of legal waivers to sign, detailing procedures and risks specific to the operation(s) that you are considering. All the documents will be in English.
You can perform the required lab tests in your country, yet it is often preferable and much cheaper to have your lab tests done here on arrival, especially because they usually will not be covered by your health insurance. The tests will be performed the same day of the consultation with the plastic surgeon; it does not change the duration of your total stay.
An Estetica Brasil representative will help you check in and escort you to the check-in process and up to your assigned room, to make sure that you are comfortable. The plastic surgeons in Brazil are some of the best in the business and take every necessary care for a smooth surgery.
There are two key elements to a speedy recuperation: rest, and follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon regarding medicines and procedures…TO THE LETTER.
Make sure to rest, take your medicine, eat properly to nourish your body and follow all instructions that we provide. Keep remembering that each day you are one day closer to that nice look that you’ve desired for yourself all these years.
The fee that you pay includes all necessary post-operative follow-up visits as may be necessary. There are no additional charges. These visits include the changing of bandages by the surgeon.
Since you will be returning home, you may not be able to have all of the follow-up visits throughout the year after your surgery. Nevertheless, we can communicate via Email, and we can receive photographs of your healing process. As time goes by and questions arise, we will still be available to provide you with answers to your concerns.
Returning to your country will also depend on the speed of your healing. We will estimate a return date based on you following all the plastic surgeon’s instructions. Your co-operation greatly helps in determining the final return date.

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