Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries: Are They Worth it?

Now that physical beauty and perfection have become a standard in today’s very critical society, many people around the world tend to avail of the numerous cosmetic and plastic surgical services offered by well-experienced and professional cosmetic surgeons and experts.

There is really nothing wrong in wanting to refine or change the way you look by means of plastic or cosmetic surgeries, especially if you have the money to go through such expensive operations. However, the cost of these surgical procedures is not the only thing that you need to consider and decide upon. You need to go over the details of the procedure that you want to undergo; you have to choose a competent and well-experienced surgeon who will conduct the operation; and you need to plan on your post-surgery therapy and treatment.

Are these body operations worth it?

Yes, the long-term physical wellness and beauty benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgeries are indeed tempting. But what happens when the surgical treatments give mediocre or unexpected results? What if the outcome of the procedure is not what you or even your surgeon predicted? How about the long and painful process of recovery? Are these really worth undergoing such operations?

Complications do happen in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. That is why it is extremely important to find a very good surgeon who can thoroughly explain the entire surgical procedure with you before the operation. Although the rate of complications in cosmetic and plastic surgeries is notably low, these are still surgical processes, and all surgical procedures carry risks.

The following are the risks and complications involved in plastic and cosmetic surgeries:

1. Anesthesia-related complications

There are some patients who have extreme reactions to the anesthesia used in the surgery. Among the complications associated with general anesthesia are death, blood clots, severe hyperthermia, stroke, abnormal heartbeat, nerve damage, and temporary paralysis.

2. Bleeding

Excessive bleeding can result to a number of complications. As bleeding is basically normal in any type of surgical operation, too much loss of blood can result to blood accumulation under the skin as well as bruising.

3. Infection

Although infection is rare in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, it can still happen, especially among individuals who take steroids, with vascular conditions, as well as those who are smoking.

4. Blood clots

When blood clots occur, this can lead to serious complications such as death. This case of surgical complication is not quite easy to predict. Hence, it is recommended during the recovery period to not stay in a single place or position for a long time.

To avoid blood clots, the following factors require evaluation:

* Recently had a traumatic body injury
* With history of recurrent infections and illnesses like cancer
* Being obese or extremely overweight
* With lung, heart, and central nervous system disorder
* Currently taking oral contraceptives
* Currently taking hormonal-related therapies

5. Numbness

Numbness after the surgery is oftentimes temporary, but there are cases when sensation is permanently lost.

6. Unusually slow healing period

Commonly associated with skin type and age, a slow healing process may happen if a patient failed to follow the instructions given by the surgeon after the operation.

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