Planning your family is the key to a bright future

Overpopulation is a one of the problems facing humankind. The Earth is becoming to be a crowded place to live in. Overpopulation is a very high population density in a given area. This large density effects the environment. It contributes to its deterioration, and a declining quality of life. The environment can only take so much and it seems it can’t sustain so much human activities.

Too much human activities can speed things up like the extinction of animals, plants and trees. Millions of people die various illness brought by organic waste. That is why Sexual health and Family Planning is vital to help lessen overpopulation. Although a freedom of choice is right of human being. It looks in the big picture which is important for any one’s survival.

Spacing your children and planning your family is beneficial to a couple’s well being and finances. Women for instance, can enjoy improved health, furthermore, the women who are more in charge of their fertility and choice of contraception gives them more time to explore new things like finding a good job or getting an education to improve their quality of life.

Family planning is a way of practicing contraception method or simply put— birth control. It is also known as reproductive health. It gives couples more choices and the same time has a more satisfying sex life. Birth control gives them the freedom when do they want to have a child or more children. Proper information gives them accessed to a effective, safe and affordable methods.

According from The World Health Organisation (WHO) there are basic goals that people should met to achieve reproductive health and these are the following:

Firstly, be free from violence and other harmful practices related to sexuality and reproduction. Secondly, Avoid illness, disease, and disability related to sexuality and reproduction. Thirdly, achieve their desired number of children safely and healthily. Lastly, Experience healthy sexual development and maturation and have the capacity for equitable and responsible relationships and sexual fulfilment

Choosing the right birth control method

Depending on woman needs. A birth control can be a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy or sexually active persons just want to protect themselves from diseases that can be passed by from having sex. These diseases are called STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that can lead more dreaded ones like AIDS, genital warts, gonorrhoea syphilis and herpes.

In a global scale and particularly in the U.S.A, unwanted pregnancies and STDs remain high and extremely prevalent in the youth ages between the ages of ten and twenty-four. There are different kinds of birth control methods such as diaphragm, cervical caps, injectable, and condoms for the women, the widely used is birth control pills.

Birth control pill which is available as combined oral contraceptives containing both estrogens and progestin, and the other is progestin only pills are proven to be safe and effective. It works by suppressing ovulation and the most advantageous aspect it regulates menstruation. There is also the morning after pill in case the usual oral contraception fails.

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