Planning To Succeed?

It is vital to the success of your business that you have a solid plan before you begin. This will allow you to focus on important goals for your business and develop your enterprise successfully. Sadly many would be entrepreneurs fail to do this, and this is one of the reasons there is such a high rate of failure in new businesses.

Time lines or milestones should govern a simple business plan:

3 months
3-6 months
6 months -1 year

Your first 3 months will concentrate on establishing your business. Your goals will be concentrated on new clients, and developing your market. When you join a new opportunity you will need to be committed for at least 3 months, so that you will know whether it will work for you. Many people give up before this time period and do not allow themselves the necessary time to succeed. Do not expect to make any really big profits in your first 3 months even if you work full-time.

Your first goal for your new business, will be deciding how many leads and new recruits you will be able to get to join your opportunity. You will then decide how you will do this. Your second goal will be to set up tools to accomplish this. This will include a website, and a newsletter. Keep them simple but effective. Your third goal will be to decide what software you need to accomplish your initial goals. This would include subscribing to an autoresponder service to handle newsletters and email marketing.

The next 3-6 months will be a period of expansion: Your goals will include getting more leads and subscribers for your newsletter. You will also be building your team for your opportunity. You will be expanding your marketing efforts with new forms of promotion, and establishing your old methods. By this time you will be beginning to see the promotions that are working and those that are not. As you grow you will be keeping charts and records of your goals and business growth. Meantime you will be working closely with established team members, to help them duplicate your successes and grow their business.

In 6 months to a year you will be looking into new opportunities related to your initial one, and be working with your team to help them develop their businesses. New goals will be set on a team basis, as you all move towards developing a strong successful team. By this time you should be showing some profits that will allow you to have bigger goals and expand your business more quickly. As always you will still be keeping goals for increasing subscribers, leads and recruits.

As you can see a business plan will help you understand exactly where your business is going and the goals to concentrate on. In this way you will build a profitable and successful business that will just keep on snowballing.

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