Planning a worry-free family vacation

Summer time means only one thing to most people: vacation. Summer fun means going to the beach or spending time with relatives overseas. Many enjoy traveling during summer because of the good weather and the time-off that they get from working hard. However, taking vacations can also turn out to be another form of “work.” All the preparations needed to go on a vacation can become so taxing. From packing the bags to getting the kids to join, to making hotel reservations and preparing a doable itinerary — the minute details of going on a vacation can take a toll on even the most eager vacationers.

In planning for the perfect family vacation, all members of the family should be made to take part in the planning. A lot of stress and anxiety involved in going to vacations stem from the fact that not all members of the family agree on the time, destination or activities to be done during the vacation. It is also wise to check the family budget to see what possible places they can go to depending on their budget.

Anxiety can also be felt during a vacation when expectations are not met or when unscheduled changes take place. A million problems can occur and turn that dream vacation into a nightmare. A delayed flight, or lost baggage, or having a conked out air-conditioning unit in the hotel room can be a real drag.

More anxiety can ruin a vacation when the parents lose a sense of control over their children. Just imagine a parent losing sight of a toddler in a crowded beach, or suddenly finding out that your child was left behind during the last stop of the tourist bus.

An even more serious source of anxiety is not having control over one’s environment. Remember all the tourists who almost lost their lives while visiting New Orleans? Or the number of families who perished during the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004?

Taking time off with the family should be absolutely free of stress and anxiety. Vacations should be fun and full of laughter. At the same time, it is important to accept is impossible to avoid stress and anxiety during a vacation because of the simple reason that we cannot control every single facet of our lives.

So, what can we do to make our vacations truly worry-free?

One easy step to take is to talk to a travel agent. While it may entail spending a little more money, a professional travel agent can help you think through your plans, budgets, and timeline for taking a vacation.
Another option to consider is to buy a travel guide book. Travel guide books contain lots of information about the place that you want to visit. From the book, you may be able to read about the culture, beliefs, interesting places to visit, and the usual “Do’s and Dont’s.”

If reading a book is not your thing, surfing the Net may be the next best thing. Websites of resorts and other destinations can provide information and pictures — all useful in planning that trip.

So next time, make sure you consider all options on how to make your vacation planning worry-free.

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