Plan Your Move: 4-5 Weeks Prior to Your Move

As your move date is getting closer there are more issues that require your attention.
Although it seems as if you still have a lot of time until your move date, this period of time usually passes very fast and some of the tasks mentioned in this article may take a while to complete, especially the change of address process and informing the authorities.
In addition, the sooner you will complete these tasks, the sooner you will be available to take care of additional tasks that are waiting in your new location. For example: registering your children to their new schools.
In this phase, 4-5 weeks prior to your move date, you will start zeroing in on your move needs and start making the following arrangements:


If you choose to pack yourself, this is the time to make sure that all packing supplies are ready. That includes boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc. Start packing items that you don’t use very often or items you know that you won’t use until you move. If you are moving with your kids, it is a good idea to get them more involved and allow them to help packing. Be sure to supervise them while they are packing.

Changing Your Address

This is the time to prepare a list of all of those you want to notify in regards to your new address.

Post Office: follow this link to complete a “Change of Address” form ( You can also visit your local post office and obtain that form.

Friends and Family: send a letter or email your new address.

Utility Companies: such as telephone, trash, water, power, etc.

Banks: update your address on all accounts including checking, savings, loans, and credit

Credit bureaus: make sure that your credit report stays updated.

Insurance Companies: update your new address on all of your policies.

Health Care Providers: including your doctors, dentist, pharmacy, etc.

Local and Federal Government Agencies: the IRS, DMV.

Other authorities, clubs, associations and organizations, including, newspapers and magazine subscriptions, and your church / temple

Don’t forget to make arrangements with all service providers in the new location as well. Provide all service providers with your arrival date and try to set activation and deactivation dates accordingly.

Get Familiar

Check with the DMV as for issuing a new driver’s license or I.D. card, and ask about car registration requirements.

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