Pitch Your Pitch, Ditch Your Script

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter F. Drucker

What is a pitch?

A pitch is designed to attempt a logical series of steps in order to arrive at a desired outcome.

What is a script?

A script is the same thing as a pitch.

As I see it, there are two ways scripts and/or pitches can be useful. The first is they can be useful to learn something new and the second, they can be used to persuade the write of the script, because ultimately, the writer of the script is the one who it’s really designed to influence.

Other than that, they’re useless. By pitching the pitch and ditching your script, you are absolutely going to excel in your business.

Now here’s an alternative that is phenomenal. It’s easier, more effective, and more efficient.


What is persuasion?

Persuasion is rapport. It’s giving someone exactly what they want. It’s understanding the customer so well that you mold your product or service to fit them.

What does your customer want the most? That’s what you’re going to give them. If your customer understands that you’re going to give them what they want, exactly what they want, they are going to get really excited about it and buy the product or service.

It’s like stepping into you, and giving yourself the idea that this is what you want to do, and so since it came from you, you say “yes, of course, I want to do it”.

Pitches can be useful as an outline giving you an overall series of points you might want to cover with your prospect.

If your prospect is going to sign an agreement, they need to know what’s in the agreement, they need to know what they’re agreeing to, so there are a few points that maybe you need to make sure to bring up.

What are you going to bring up those points in light of? (Hint: This is where persuasion comes in.)

Their criteria!! Their highest values!! What they want!

Marrying their criteria to our product or service is our sole intention in life. If their criteria equals your product, are they going to own it?

Yup. Absolutely.

Our job is to marry your affluent prospect’s values with our product/service, (or with ourselves, if that’s what you’re selling – and to some extent you are always selling yourself).

We are doing this with intention. We do this rapport. We do this with criteria elicitation. These are all the building blocks of persuasion. With persuasion we can put our fingers on the hot button of our prospects.

All there is to this is focusing everything you say, do, express, on naming their values and criteria and showing them how you are the only person where they can get this criteria met.

Now that you have just this tiny understanding of persuasion, you can absolutely ditch the pitch.

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