Pioneer Leading The Plasma TV World

In today’s fast-moving, swiftly-growing technological field, it takes a lot to stay in the lead. But Pioneer is doing precisely that with its plasma TVs. With their sharp images and robust feature packages all rolled up into a sophisticated package, it is no wonder that this company is out-pacing its competitors in the field.

The Pioneer PDP-507HD is commonly considered one of the best 50-inch plasma TV across the board. This incredibly versatile piece of entertainment hardware is ideal for those who list image-quality as one of their highest criteria. Reviewers applaud the rich, thoroughly-saturated colours and the deep quality of the blacks, a hue that has been notoriously difficult to capture for other plasma TV companies. This is not to say that the Pioneer PDP-507HD is not adaptable; it comes with a multitude of features, including a CableCARD slot, an electronic program guide, a USB output and a dual tuner PIP. In addition, for those who demand high performance and then insist on have the tools to achieve it, there are many options for those who like to adjust the picture quality to their own exacting standards.

The 43-inch Pioneer PDP-4360 is another landmark in Pioneer’s development. This smaller screen has all the crystalline resolution of the other plasma televisions and once again, the colours, particularly the difficult black, are rendered as faithfully as on a movie screen.

The newest in Pioneer’s stellar lineup is the Pioneer PDP 607XD. It is marketed as integrated home entertainment, and with 2 HDMI inputs, a PC input, a digital tuner, there is a much greater ability to take advantage of high definition media. This exciting model features Pioneer’s seventh generation plasma screen, with improved brightness and contrast, creating the sharp picture quality and vivid colour that is part of the Pioneer trademark.

One feature that is applauded across the board is Pioneer’s consistently sophisticated design. Pioneer has chosen to give its plasma televisions a sleek and streamlined grace, something that blends perfectly with a modern home. The thick, high-gloss frames of the Pioneer plasma TVs create a striking impression. When turned off, the screen goes to a deep velvety black and the effect on a bare white wall is quite striking and you can find suitable brackets on These televisions accentuate your viewing area, commanding it with ease, and their graceful lines are an excellent addition to any home. Another fun feature is the silver stand that is available if you should choose to make the plasma TV freestanding. The inky bulk of the television in the elegant stand has all the charm of a piece of modern art.

The Pioneer plasma televisions have made bringing home a vivid, theater-quality home entertainment center more possible than ever. Like its namesake, Pioneer strides forward in the development of cutting-edge technology and always delivers on it’s well-earned reputation.

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