Picnic Benches: Supporting Delight

There are some things that are cherished by people of all ages. Just the mention of it brings happiness along with it. Of many such things picnic certainly deserves a foremost position. Picnic refers to a pleasure trip where a meal is had in a predominantly outdoor area having a scenic landscape mostly among family members. Picnics often provide the best way to escape the monotony and constantly rising performance related pressures in work environment.

Eating forms a major part of picnics; it could range anything from a simple meal to a banquet, of the highest culinary delight. But ironically, picnics if ill planned end up in a sordid mess, making it to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. For example how many times you find people carrying their finest pastries and mouth watering dishes, only to find that they don’t have a proper place to sit and have them.

To make your picnic hassle free and have a perfect meal in a picnic spot, you need to have a picnic bench or table with you. Picnic benches/tables are simple tables that are modified a bit with benches and trusses exclusively for the purpose of having an outdoor meal. Picnic benches come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are priced somewhere between US$250 to US$700, depending on its portability and material used to manufacture it.

There are various advantages offered by picnic tables. Of which the prime gain is its portability, for a picnic table can be easily folded and put comfortably in your car bonnet, to accompany on your picnic trips. The unfolding process too is very quick and easy. A picnic table on an average, seats 5-7 adults comfortably.

Further unlike a traditional mat or rug, picnic tables offer the best way to have a light interaction or a romantic banter. Also they don’t need a flat surface to place them, so that you can enjoy your picnic rather than pondering over the slope of the terrain. While the older models were made entirely of wood, the newer versions are made of wood reinforced with steel to prevent sagging and coated with thermoplastic resin to support easy cleaning and impart a glossy sheen to the surface. The resin also imparts moisture resistant properties to the table, preventing it from corrosion and warping. These tables also dry out quickly when cleaned. Also eco friendly models made of recycled plastic are available. These are light in weight and can be part of your picnic backpack without any unnecessary effort. After all what is a picnic without fun and games? Picnic tables don’t let this go unnoticed, as they are also available with gaming boards carved on them. These tables have become a runaway success particularly with young minds craving for fun games. To escape from the capricious climate, they are provided with a center stand to accommodate beach umbrellas.

Though named so, picnic tables do not restrict themselves to picnic trips alone. They could also be uses in parks and even in offices and residential places having outdoor recreational facilities. So if you really wish your picnic trip to be remembered for all its fun and frolic rather than an eternal quest for the right, clean place to squat in awkward positions to have your meal, do remember to pop in a picnic table up your car bonnet.
Have a memorable picnic!

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