PicJet Studio – enhance your digital photos by simply dragging and dropping.

Drag-and-Drop Picture Enhancement

Processing your own film allowed for a high degree of freedom and creativity back in the film age. Digital photo processing opens a whole new world of opportunities for the creative mind. But do you have the time to process your digital pictures one by one? Do you have the desire to learn, and do you have the money to buy the required image processing tools? If you don’t want to spend days and weeks learning how to do this, and wish to get results right away and without breaking the bank, read on!

What do you do most often with your digital photos? If you’re like most of us, you probably resize them to fit into a Web browser and convert pictures from one format into another, making them load faster in a Web browser. PicJet Studio (http://www.picjetstudio.com/) offers you a new, exciting and free way to perform just that by simply selecting the photos and dragging and dropping them onto a PicJet icon!

Resize a bunch of digital pictures to fit any size completely automatically and without any hassle. There’s no learning curve involved, just drag and drop a single photo or a selection of multiple photos onto the Resize icon!

Are you concerned with load times when you upload a photo album on the Web? Not sure if a Web browser can show the images as produced by your digital camera? Remove any guessing and drop your digital pictures onto the Converter icon! PicJet Studio will carefully convert the images into a chosen compatible format, ensuring that they never exceed the file size you specify. No learning required, just drag and drop!

Feeling creative? Design a cool-looking collage of your favorite photographs! Learning curve? What learning curve? Just select your favorite pictures and drop them onto the Collage icon!

Do you remember having a film camera with that cool imprinting feature that stamped the date you took a picture onto each photograph? They don’t often include this in digital cameras anymore. But all is not lost in this department, as you can easily stamp dates onto digital pictures in a much simpler way than you would do it with film! PicJet Studio imprints the date you’ve taken the picture on a single photo or on a bunch of photographs quickly and easily. Learning curve? What learning curve! Just learn how to drag and drop the pictures onto the Stamp icon, and you’re all set! Unlike the film ages, you can now select your own font and color to make the date look exactly as you had hoped.

Four functions in one little program. Not yet convinced? PicJet Studio is completely free of charge! You don’t pay now, you don’t pay later. Download your own free copy now: http://www.picjetstudio.com/

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