PHP, Learn Something New

If your anything like the majority of society, myself included, you could probably use a little more info on certain aspects of computers. Here, I decided to take a look at “PHP”. Yeah I know, that’s what I said, “Yeah right!”, but it’s not so confusing when you look at it a little closer…

PHP is an acronym (One of those things smart people use to confuse us) which stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. It used to stand for “Personal Home Page”, but that must have been too easy. So after a little reasearch I found out just what the acronym meant. It is an open source, reflective programming language.

Apparently, all that programming language stuff is to develop “dynamic web content and server side applications”. They have also found a new use for it in other types of software.

Once again, this stuff is pretty tricky, but take a look elseware! Maybe there is a “PHP for Dummies” out there. I would encourage any of you who have the slightest incling to find out more, to do so. It’s actually pretty interesting! The best thing to do for more information is to check out forums, blogs, or websites about PHP. There is also books and an actual formal development manual that you can purchase from a store or borrow from a library, that will be able to answer any of your questions about this particlular programming language.

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