Pet Odor Removal: Doing Away With Chemicals

Have you just finished potty training your new puppy? There is often great relief when your young dog finally gets that they are supposed to go outdoors to use the bathroom, but with that relief often comes the realization that in your home you have a huge pet odor removal problem. When your new puppy goes to the bathroom around the home, it can be difficult to get the stains out of the floor, let alone get all of the smells out of the carpet and carpet padding.

The problem with puppies is that they often might use places that you did not even see, so you may have missed the opportunity to keep the urine from soaking into the carpet padding. If you have linoleum floors, the urine can also seep down below the surface of the floor and into the flooring, causing unwanted scents. While your puppy may now be potty trained, your house might smell more like a kennel than ever! Who wants to return to the home after a long day at the office only to find that their home is almost uninhabitable? This unwelcome greeting upon entering the home is generally the beginning of the pet odor removal process for most homeowners.

As dogs age, they often are not able to get outside before they have to urinate. This can bring back all of those bad memories of getting rid of the lingering scents of potty training puppies. The problem with older dogs is that they usually do not mean to go in the house, but they simply cannot hold it for as long as they once could, or they simply are not aware enough to realize that they are doing something that they normally wouldn’t do. Pet odor removal can again become a problem for the pet owner, especially if the dog is an inside dog and spends a lot of time alone. What can you do?

If you visit any store you will find that there is probably a whole aisle dedicated to eliminating the lingering scents associated with the accidents that your puppy has left behind, as well as with the messes that older adult dogs leave around the house. Unfortunately, most of these products are chemical based and will only cover up the problem and not really eliminate it. This is annoying because you will think that you had gotten rid of the smells, but then after a couple days or weeks the scent is back, with the addition of a faint chemical smell.

If you want a true pet odor removal technique, you may want to check out Quantum Pure Aire Products. This is a company that offers a wide variety of air purifiers that will help dog and even cat owners eliminate unwanted scents in their home for good. The reason is that these air purifiers remove all of the toxins and bacteria that are causing the dirty scents, leaving the home smelling fresh and clean like it should. To learn more about these products or to find a dealer near you, simply visit

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