Personalizing Your Presents With Gift Baskets

When it comes time to purchase a gift for your next occasion, consider adding a decorative gift basket to make your presentation even more special. Synonymous with Easter, gift baskets are also used for birthday gift-giving, as well as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays.

As the snow begins to fall and the Christmas trees are being decorated, everyone begins to think about creative ways to prepare their gifts. While the most traditional option has always been gift wrap, choosing to give a festive holiday basket filled with gifts and wrapped in cellophane is a much more artistic approach to gift giving. If you are shopping for a child, for instance, perhaps a favorite DVD movie, a gift card and a popular music CD placed inside of a small holiday basket will be just the ticket. Once the gifts are placed inside, whether individually wrapped or not, carefully place the basket inside of a cellophane bag imprinted with a Christmas theme. Once inside, secure the top of the bag tightly with clear tape and add a fancy red bow. Don’t forget the name tag!

Another popular idea, when it comes to gift baskets, is a fruit selection for your friends and family. In addition, a fruit basket is also ideal as a gift for mail carriers, physicians, teachers, employers, etc. The best way to prepare gift baskets filled with fruit is to purchase a plain basket without the handle, which can be used as a centerpiece in the family or dining room, and begin to add an array of colorful fruits. Among the most popular additions are apples, oranges, plums, pears, strawberries, grapes, etc.

If you are curious for other ideas for inclusion in your special occasion gift baskets, consider adding jewelry, a wallet or purse, concert or sporting event tickets, gift certificates and cards, stuffed animals, candies, etc. The more variety and color that you can add to gift baskets, the more festive your overall packaging will appear. As for alternative ideas for gift baskets, consider putting together a special package for your pet, a baby or wedding shower, anniversary celebration, etc. There are unlimited options for creating the perfect gift basket filled with plenty of goodies and a lot of imagination.

If you are more of a shopper and less of a decorator, that’s no problem. You can purchase a plain gift basket at your local florist, go out and purchase the items that you want to include and ask that they prepare the basket for you to give as a gift. Because their career revolves around their ability to make arrangements beautiful, a florist is the perfect person to help with all of your gift baskets and creative arrangements.

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