Personalizing Your Gifts With Flair

When you give a gift of any nature or for any occasion, you want to make it something that the recipient will really like and keep for many years. While you want to put your own personal stamp on the gift so that whomever you give it to will remember you, you do need to make it personal for the gift recipient. A retirement gift for an employee that has given years of service is usually a bracelet or a watch. That in itself is an expensive gift, but when it is engraved with a personal message or Thank You, it makes the gift all that much more memorable.

Taking the time to search for the perfect gift shows in the gift itself. When you give clothes to a child at Christmas or for a birthday, the parents are happy. However, the child is probably devastated because he/she wants something to play with. Even though teenagers love to get clothing as gifts, you really do need to know that person well to be able to pick out a style that suits the taste and personality. This is why giving a teenager money as a gift is the best choice because it gives the young person a choice in what he/she wants to buy.

Baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries all offer an opportunity to choose the perfect gift. For many people receiving money in a card says that you couldn’t be bothered to take the time to go shopping for a gift. You do have to know the person and take time to reflect on what he/she likes in order to give a gift that will count. Although gift certificates are acceptable, you may be limiting that person to shop at a store that he/she does not like.

Jewellery is always a good choice as are candles, ornaments and electronic gadgets. The price of the gift is not important. It is the thought and the actual gift that count the most.

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