Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Personalizing a baby’s gift is an excellent idea, making the gift distinct and special and grows into a cherished token through the years. When giving or making a gift sooner, before the baby’s due, you are faced with a problem, that is, you are not yet certain of the name and the birth date. An option to consider is by giving a gift certificate for an etching or engraving design along with your gift. This way, when the wonderful day arrives, the parents can take your gift and have it personalized.

Choices for personalized gifts are baby cups, picture frame, jewelry or a cutlery set. There are wide selections of items that can be personalized; all you have to do is look.

A blanket for baby embroidered with the baby’s name alongside the name’s meaning would make an excellent gift for both mom and baby.

Your labor of love gift basket

Gift baskets are very popular today and indeed a wonderful idea which can either be purchased made-to-order or ready-made. Or, you can do it yourself by putting together all baby items that you like for the baby. Here’s how you can make one:

1. Know first the size of the basket that you will use. A very large basket may be difficult to fill, so a medium sized is recommended. Usually, craft stores sell baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors. Shredded tissue paper and raffia make great fillers to be layered at the basket’s bottom, alongside with baby towels and blankets.

2. If you do have a large basket, you can easily fill it up by choosing bigger items as well, such as crib comforters, stuffed bunny or teddy, pillows or crib bumpers.

3. Take into consideration the baby’s gender, what really the baby needs. For a first baby, there will be many things that he will need. Having to look at a baby registry if the mom to be has one, can help a lot, since you will know what the baby really needs. If there is none, you could always ask the mom what else she needs for the baby.

4. Consider having a theme. You can load the basket with everything pink for a baby girl or everything blue for a baby boy, or everything having a “pooh” or a dinosaur design. A bedtime theme basket filled with story books, music CD, blankets, pillows, pajama, musical crib mobile and a teddy bear can be a wonderful idea. Be creative and let your imagination soar.

5. Another way of being creative is instead of using a basket, a baby tub, a diaper bag, a small laundry basket or a trunk can also be used.

6. For a tub, you can fill it with baby bathing accessories, such as soaps, towels, bubble bath, powder, baby shampoo, lotion and bath rubber toys.

7. For the trunk, you can fill it with baby’s keepsake book, monogrammed items, receiving blankets, heirloom items, a picture frame and an inspirational book all about mom and baby. You can also place a little inspirational note containing all your wishes for the baby. This will add a more personal touch to your gift.

8. For the laundry basket, you can fill it with cute slippers, diapers, baby comb and brush, booties, and baby clothes.

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