Perfume Arts: Substance Over Style

Are celebrity endorsed perfume brands better than natural and synthetic perfumes? Walking into the local department store will have you literally bombarded with those wishing to test a fragrance on your wrist.

Many of them have no real suggestion what is in them but they are sure to tell you just who is underwriting them. As a consumer, you should know a little more about the cosmetics you are applying to your body before you put them on. And, you should discover the quality of the product far more so than the name on the label.

Celebrity Perfume: Worth It?

Celebrity perfume is one of the utmost selling kinds of perfume. From Celine Dions to Jennifer Lopezs, each celebrity these days is putting their name on a bottle of the stuff. But, dont think that they really have much to do with actually creating the fragrance themselves.

In the most ideal case scenario, they may smell a large number of options and then choose the one that fits their tastes the best (and that doesnt mean they will wear it all the time either) In fact, Glow, the fragrance that JLo herself has chosen along with a good amount of other in the family bring in about $100 million a year, which gives her a cut anywhere between five and ten percent of it.

Organics Instead?

While it is stylish to wear celebrity perfume, it isnt necessarily the best way to get the smell that you will love. Instead, consider the fragrances of natural products such as lavender and vanilla. The nature-based products are more of a nature-based smell, one which is lighter and often more powerful that what you would get through a bottle of perfume.

It is also safer to wear if you have reactions to this type of cosmetic. Yet, they definitely are not going to be stylish without a name brand on them.

What are you to do to decide on the perfume that is just the right choice for you? It is wise to take just a few steps like these.

Get Sampled. Get selected samples from either the perfume counter or through requesting them online. Take your time smelling them and leave them near you for multiple minutes to make sure you can handle it. If you are able to, make sure to do this with a large amount of perfumes so that you can really tell the difference.

Find Out Whats Inside. It is also fundamental for you to know what is in the product. If you are like many, you will want to stick with a more organic product simply because it is the most natural.

Price And Love. It is substantial for you to really love the perfume that you select. Youll definitely get sticker shock from the celebrity perfumes out there. But, if it is just the one for you, then by all means buy it up. But, dont go for the celebrity versions if they are in fact unpleasant smelling to you. After all, you are the one that will need to smell it day and night.

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