Perfect Packing for Women

There has been many articles written on packing luggage. My own mother taught me to pack with tissue paper between all of your articles of clothing. That would be totally impractical today with the weight restrictions on baggage. You want to fill your suitcase with clothing, not with paperThe new upright wheeling luggage has its own restrictions on packing. It requires a different method of layering your clothing. I always begin with underwear on the bottom against the “bars” which are actually the pull up handle underneath the lining. This evens out the bottom of the case for the next layer of clothing.

It simplifies things to plan what I’ll be wearing in advance. I have everything on a thin wire hanger that comes from the dry cleaners. These are the lightest weight hangers and will take up the least amount of room in the suitcase. The blouse goes on the hanger first, followed by the slacks underneath and the jacket on top. If there’s a pin that matches the suit, pin it to the lapel. Then I put 3 hangers in the suitcase with the hanger beginning at the short end. And then 3 more hangers beginning at the opposite end. I continue packing like that until all of my clothing on hangers is in the case. Then I neatly fold one layer over from one end, and then the next layer over from the other end. The hangers stay at opposite ends with the clothing folded into the middle. If done properly, your clothing will have only one soft crease where it has been folded. Then I add pajamas rolled up to fit around the perimeter or in any empty spaces. Then I place my shoes in shoe mittens or shoe covers and place them around the perimeter. Remember not to bring too many pairs of shoes because of the weight limit imposed on luggage by the airlines. I also try to bring one neutral colored shawl or sweater that will match most of the clothing I’ve packed and I throw in a small travel umbrella.

When I unpack everything is ready to hang and rarely does anything require ironing. As anyone who has traveled knows, there are never enough hangers in any hotel room. I also carry a portable steamer, just in case there is some wrinkling. The new steamers are small, use tap water from any country, and are dual voltage, so they can be used virtually anywhere.

I never pack spray bottles or cans in my luggage. I prefer to put anything that can damage my clothing in my carryon bag. That includes creams, lotions, sprays, shampoos and perfumes. Baggage is not pressurized and will loosen even the tightest closed containers. A plastic closure bag or waterproof bag helps, but damage has been known to occur, so I always play it safe by putting that type of item in my carryon bag. Most hotels today have hair dryers, but if you are used to a more powerful dryer, you might want to bring a travel model with you. Some hotels have coffee machines and others do not. If coffee is important first thing in the morning or evening, check out the small travel models.

Perfect packing takes time and experience – you’ll soon learn what items you can do without and the ones that make your trip most pleasant.

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