Perfect Cat Houses for the Outside Smoggy

Whatever the season, Cats need shelter from the elements be it night or day to sleep and to keep warm.I know you may think that outdoor pet houses are traditionally for Dogs, but the Cat owners amongst us are aware that Cats want to come in and out of the house at all hours of the day to get a balance of indoor and outdoor life. After all; Cats are animals that love to hunt and explore so being outdoors feels very natural to them. A Cat house is perfect to place in your garden for peace of mind that your pet is in comfort yet has direct access to your garden without you having to open the door for them every thirty minutes. At the other end of the scale, Cats absolutely adore getting cosy and the warmth of a soft blanket or jumper placed in a clean, secure area where humans or other animals won’t bother them is ideal. Moving a piece of material that your pet has been sleeping on to a Cat house will make your pet feel that the new environment is safe and reminds them that your home is nearby.

Of course, Cat houses must be able to withstand the harsh weather that they are protecting your pet from. The house made from Cedar wood is protected by its own natural oils which promotes dryness and prevents rotting and pests such as fleas and mites. Also, the natural wooden material matches your cat’s natural habitat (the great outdoors); again making them feel more at home. Many different designs include features such as removable door-flaps so that air can flow freely through the Cat house in summer to keep them cool under all that fur, and a raised floor to keep your cat away from damp ground. Alternatively, there are those that sit directly on the ground for cats with limited mobility who cannot jump up onto higher platforms. Such diversity in features allows you to choose the house that is perfect for your pet and one that will last for years. Insulated cat houses do not have to just be a shelter from the elements; it can simply be an extension of your home, which you can customise to suit your cat’s needs. The houses can even include heater units for those of you who have cats constantly seeking the airing cupboard or heater pipes in your home!

Additionally, Cat houses are not limited to housing one animal. Double floored or larger Condo designs are available for those of you who have more than one Cat.During the summer, using a Cat house means you can enjoy the outside with your cat as you spend time in your garden. Alternatively, in winter you are safe in the knowledge that if your Cat is not home in time for you to let it inside before you go to bed, it will still have somewhere safe and warm to relax at night. Don’t be fooled, outdoor houses are not just for dogs!

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