Pearls Of Ages And Time

Pearl is a beautiful creation of nature. Women have a passion for pearls and they fulfill their desire to look alluring and dazzling. Pearls are a symbol of purity and are gems found on the earth, and have a natural and lustrous appeal.

A pearl is a smooth and lustrous round structure formed naturally inside the shell of an oyster or a clam and is a most valued and precious jewel. It is formed when an irritant such as a grain of sand or tiny fish gets trapped in the internal tissues of a mollusks shell. To protect itself from this irritant, the mollusk releases nacre, a substance that sticks to the irritant and then forms a hard and smooth layer around the irritant. Nacre is released over time and forms layer after layer, which forms into a pearl.

Taking this as a cue, man started cultivating pearls manually. These are called cultured pearls. They are formed in a similar way, except the irritant is introduced into the mollusk by man and then the rest of the process of releasing nacre is natural. Most of the pearls that come into the market are cultured pearls these days and are no different than natural pearls. They are much cheaper than natural pearls because they are cultivated in lots and also there is no expense involved in searching for the natural pearls.

Pearls come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, in fact, no two pearls are alike. The color of the pearl is determined by the color of the nacre released, which can range anywhere from white to black.

The quality of a pearl is determined by its luster and its shine. Good quality pearls have high luster and reflect light from all angles. High quality pearls are hard to find but when found are considerably more expensive than others.

When purchasing pearls, look for luster and ensure there are no bumps or discolored. A good pearl feels smooth and even to touch. The larger the size, the more expensive it is.

They are either freshwater or saltwater. Most freshwater pearls sold are from China. South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian pearls are all saltwater pearls. The black Tahitian pearls are very valuable as they are extremely rare. This is because of the lack of survival of most black pearl oysters, due to climatic conditions.

This Beautiful adornment look beautiful and elegant when worn as a strand around the neck by themselves or when set in precious metals such as platinum or when arranged with other gemstones. The understated soft elegance is subdued and doesn’t cry for attention. A pearl is considered to be a symbol of purity, love, and luck and for centuries was considered to be the queen of all gems. In the early Christian writings, Jesus is referred to as ‘the great pearl’ brought by Mary.

Pearls are gorgeous and make the perfect gifts for any occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary, Mother’s day, Christmas, baptism, and on every other occasion possible.

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