PDA’s Can Be Used As MP3 Players For Music

A PDA can also play mp3’s if they are stored in the memory of the PDA. Just like a desktop computer, depending on the amount of memory on your PDA. The PDA has a built in windows media player, that allows mp3 files to be played. You can be doing other tasks on your PDA while the mp3’s are playing, however it may slow your PDA down a little. Once again in depends on the amount of memory you have.

Another way to store your mp3’s you want to play on your PDA is by the use of a memory card. The memory card slides into the top of your PDA in most cases, and then using your stylus you simply open the storage card folder and it lists the mp3’s you have on the memory card. If you have enough memory, this is how you also transfer mp3’s to the main memory of the PDA in order to play a specific mp3 at a different time.

You can listen to mp3’s through the speakers that are usually found on both sides of the front of your PDA. Different models vary however. There is a place for a headphone set to be plugged into the PDA as well, so you can listen to mp3’s without disturbing those around you.

Another feature with the PDA referring to mp3’s is the windows media player. When it is showing on the touch screen and you aren’t doing anything else with your PDA, it will display the name of the song that is playing. And, with a simple touch of the touch screen with the stylus the mp3 will be paused. Once the touch screen is tapped again, the mp3 will continue.

Your PDA will often times be able to play music in the .wma format as well, if it is set to do this. You have to allow it however, by going to the settings on your PDA and changing it, so it will accept those file types and play them as well as the Mp3’s you have on your PDA or memory card. Additionally, you can’t simply take a memory card out of a Mp3 player and play it in your PDA. The memory card must be formatted for the PDA specifically and then the MP3’s you want added to the memory card, to play in the PDA itself. Usually if an Mp3 will not play or a .wma file doesn’t play a format error will come up on your PDA screen letting you know.

Mp3 play lists can be created on the PDA as well. Usually the amount of Mp3’s you actually store on the main memory of your PDA depends on other information that might be vital. Otherwise the Mp3’s can easily be stored on the memory card and used for later. They do not have to be erased, unless you need the memory card for different use.

Mp3’s however have to be in a certain format for them to play on your PDA but this depends on what kind of PDA you own as to the format the Mp3’s will play.

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