PC To TV Scan Converter

The point to using a PC to TV scan converter is to be able to source PC video output from the desktop computer itself then deliver it via the PC to TV scan converter to a functional television set. Usually, before you opt for a PC to TV scan converter, you would opt for a basic PC to TV cable first to do the same thing as the PC to TV scan converter does (which is deliver that valuable PC video output to be displayed on the functional television set.)

You should always bear in mind that, regardless of which of these two options you choose, you shouldn’t expect that your TV set will display the same type of image clarity and resolution that you have come to expect from computer monitors. Yes, the TV set is bigger than your basic desktop computer monitor but the technology behind them is rather different – which basically boils down to the fact that your TV set has less advanced image display technology than a computer monitor. Once you can accept this fact, you may be satisfied anyway with the fact that your TV can still be a pretty good alternative type of computer monitor and can show you video images like those from movies and PC games anyway.

Now when do you use a PC to TV scan converter and when do you use a basic PC to TV cable? The advantage with the latter (which is the more common choice of people – techies and consumers alike) is that it is a fairly simple piece of electronic equipment. It falls under the term Plug and Play – which means you look for the video VGA port of the desktop PC and plug in your basic PC to TV cable. The other end of the PC to TV cable should then be linked to your functional TV set. With a few minor tweaking, you then have a fully functional PC to TV video display system and can start watching DVDs or playing video games using your TV set as a monitor. It’s simple right?

A PC to TV scan converter, on the other hand, can be a bit more expensive than the above option, but you might be able to get a great deal for them at online direct merchants than real-world retailers. If you are relying on an external scan converter, this too is a Plug and Play option and will not require that you probe into the internal workings of your desktop PC (especially not the CPU which hold the brains and internal organs of your PC system.) This too requires just looking for that VGA cable that should be attached at one end to the PC and at the other end to the converter itself. You then link the converter to the TV unit.

A last bit of advice about PC to TV scan converters – there are now wireless PC to TV scan converters which allow you to place your PC in your den maybe then the TV in the adjacent room. Once you start up the whole convoluted system, you find the wireless system gives you a bit more freedom than the Plug and Play version. But both are acceptable options for you.

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