PC Remote Control on Guard of Peaceful Holidays

Sitting in a hot office or driving along the melting road people are striving for the summer vocations to begin. Everybody plans to make a trip abroad, visit the people whom they haven’t seen for ages or simply enjoy peaceful rest with the family.

However it’s a common situation that all plans to have a splendid rest flop like a bubble. The most annoying is that vocations are usually spoiled because of things far less notable than a hurricane. Simply the manager has forgotten in what folder is the necessary file, or a close friend needs some PC-related help. Also there are such CEOs that don’t care about employees being at the other end of the world, and want to see them the next day in the office just to hold a 15 minute meeting.

Still all upper mentioned situations have one thing in common. They are easily solved with the PC remote control software. And Anyplace Control Software is glad to introduce such a software that is not only on guard of the peaceful holidays but keeps fuss away all the year round.

Anyplace Control is PC remote control program capable of displaying remote PC desktop and enables using local keyboard and mouse to control it remotely. And the innovative connectivity scheme keeps remote machine accessible from any place in the world that is connected to the web. While another piece of good news is that Anyplace Control is router- and firewall-friendly, so there is no need to be a network guru to hook up the necessary computers. And on top of the cream is the improved screen grabbing feature that gives the real comfort during PC remote control session, so it’s not that hard to forget that you are currently working on a PC located 100 miles away.

Anyplace Control is pretty easy to set up. The software consists of Admin and Host modules that should be installed on the local PC and a remote one respectively. These PCs must be connected with each other either via LAN or via Internet. The way PCs are connected with each other determines which of the two PC remote control connectivity schemes is used: for computers in the same LAN/WLAN, connection is established directly via IP addresses, while computers accessing the web are hooked through Anyplace’s Gateway server using an account name and a nickname.

Besides its main PC remote control feature Anyplace Control enables direct file transfer with the target machine as well. All kinds of personal data, presentations, deadly important reports, and even million dollar worth contract can be transferred directly with Anyplace Control file transfer feature protected with CHAP authentication and RC4 128-bit random key. And this means that spam arrester blocking e-mail attachments or FTP being down won’t make the work to halt again.

Get connected to any necessary computer remotely from any place in the world with Anyplace Control and make sure that vocation won’t be ruined by an annoying nuisance. By hook or by crook, get a free evaluation version of PC remote control utility from http://www.anyplace-control.com/

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