PC Access Control For Parents

Do you want to set limits on how much time your child spends on the computer or online? Do you want to control the use of external and internal devices on Windows systems such as USB keys, Ipods and more? Do you want to set up the special list of allowed applications nobody will run unwanted programs? PC Access Control softwares can help you.

This article will help you control your personal computer yourself. These freeware or sharewares combine ease-of-use, power and flexibility.

Windows Security Officer from 1SecurityCenter, enables you to protect and completely control access to your personal computer. It offers administrative support for controlling which users are allowed to access your computer and the level of access each user may have. You can choose to restrict access to several Control panel applet functions, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printer, and System.

User Time Control, this software lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used and define users which will be allowed to use the computer without any limits. If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games — or you don’t want him/her to use your PC when you’re either asleep or away from home

MobileGov Device Checker, It controls the use of external and internal devices on Windows systems such as USB keys, Ipods, external hard drives, etc. MobileGov Device Checker is able to identify a specific device as opposed to its competitors who just block the devices by type.

Public PC Desktop, enables you to lock your PC to a level that it can be used as a public access terminal, allowing users access to certain program, but disabling all other functionalities. You can create a list of users and passwords and set restrictions for keyboard keys, Internet Explorer options, website restrictions and more. While the PC is in kiosk mode, the desktop will be empty, except for shortcut to programs or websites that you have specifically selected.

These Software provide a scalable, customizable, easy-to-use solution for your home, allowing you to restrict access to your PC the way you want it.

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