Paying The Price For Success

We are learning how to navigate the highway of success. Overcoming obstacles and searching for the right vehicle to reach our goals. Now is there a price to pay for all this success stuff?

You bet there is and few are willing to pay it. It requires doing what everyone else is not willing to do. It means showing up before everyone else and staying until they are gone. You see, life is like a mirror. You get out of it exactly what you put into it! It’s going that extra mile in all situations regardless of the circumstances. Can you do that? Are you willing to step up to the plate and strike out more than you win? This is not always easy but it is worth it to many people who are determined to be successful. If you are willing and able, you will be a success at whatever you do.

These are tried and proven facts that separate the BEST from the REST. You have to give it your all, give some more and know that if you share these principles and help people achieve that you will receive a windfall of income producing results.

That learning curve I talked about in previous articles is something we all have to go through to grow mentally and spiritually.

So here I am Knocking doors and sweeping floors. There was much more knocking than demonstrating along with dodging dog bites and mean spirited people. I was burning up tanks of gas and getting doors slammed in my face. Losing my family, my car, my pride and making less than normal wages. There was one exception I realized as I walked up to a home and saw my reflection in the window. I had a DREAM and I was in business for myself.

So take that Mr. Rejection! I am going to make this work one door at a time! After 6 months of this I had one thing and that was experience. They called me in on the carpet and I thought I was fired because of low production. The manager asked if I would I help train someone and I almost lost it. Little did I know he was just too lazy to go to the field. However, it was my salvation.

I took that new person to the field and soon I was the top trainer in the western division. I went on to build several teams and tripled my income within 6 months. Now I was making a good income and my life was turning around. Soon the offers started coming in to run the operation. It would require many sacrifices moving around the country etc. but in the process I met the love of my life. Without that support and team effort success can be a lonely journey but GOD always provides.

So navigating the highway of success can be interesting to say the least.

Finding the right vehicles to get there can be challenging.

Paying the price can only make you stronger but there is still something missing…….

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