Pay Per Click Ads And Your Home Based Business

I am not going to lead you astray and say go put ads here or do articles and blogs when I am sitting here doing pay per click ads under keywords in our target market, I am not going to do that. I teach you what I do myself, because it works. Everything that I do I will show you. I have lots more, tons more to show you than what is in our members area right now. We constantly add to our program. We will add a video series to the powerhouse marketing system, but the main level that we will be adding things to is the higher level product package in our company.

That is our premium package. That is the package that people, if they want to, can take their business to the next level, they can get that. That is a package deal. You get the lower and higher level package for the higher level package price. And not only that, you will get all the future updates as a product owner that is paid to the higher level which we will be adding things to as we go along.

Now, the videos that we have in there, they will never be able to be downloaded. The only people able to get into that area are the people who are the paid members. Why are we not going to make downloadable videos, because we know that they will be passed around the internet really fast. And people will use them to train their down lines in their home based business and whatever else they will do with them really fast. And they will never pay a dime for it. We like to help people, but I believe, as a responsible business owner that you should pay for things that are worth the money.

These videos and the ebooks that are written are worth it because it enables people to make thousands and thousands of dollars, it enables people to do something that they have never been able to do before. It enables people who are making thousands and thousands of dollars every month to make more money. It enables people to be in control of their life, because me personally, I have been there, worked a job, I have worked different jobs since I was twelve years old. I have done hard work.

Now, working for somebody else, I do not believe that is secure, because they can lay you off at anytime for any reason. If the company is having problems, the first thing that they are going to do is layoffs without changing anything in their problems. They will not change their marketing, without increasing sales, if they layoff people who they are paying out, it immediately brings them back up to the line or put them over the line of profit. So that leaves you, who is working for somebody else, not secure. And that is what I found out.

Not that I ever was laid off, but I have heard and seen many people get the shock of their lives after many, many years of working for a company. All of a sudden they are laid off. Retirement down the drain, everything in the company that they had invested was just gone. Not only that, if you have a boss or a manager who is out for you for some reason, if you do anything wrong, even personally in your personal life, you might have gone out with them or talked with them outside your job, or anything on the job, or anything where they are all of a sudden offended, or do not like you, your job is in their hands. They can make your life miserable and can get you fired.

I found this out, this never happened to me, but I found this out just recently. People that are over you will control your career, they control when you advance or when you do not advance. So you cannot just say well, I am going to go out and make, you are making fifteen dollars an hour now, I am going to go out and make twenty-five dollars an hour and that is what I am going to do. Well, you cannot, not unless that boss gives you that raise and nobody gives you that raise at all. I find it sad that government jobs and teacher jobs and things of this sort, get raises every years like one or two percent, twenty cents, thirty cents, thirty-five cents, they are lucky if they get fifty cents. I really think that is sad.

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