Passionate Thinking Will Bring You Ripped Abs

The best way to stay motivated about losing weight is not to focus on which ab workout you’re trying or which crazy diet you’re on. Don’t think about all the sacrifices you’re making by not eating that chocolate cake or missing a rerun of your favorite tv show to go on a walk. Instead focus on the reasons you want to lose weight in the first place.

Do you want to better your health? Get a nicer looking body? Those are the reasons most of us have for wanting to lose weight. The most important thing to fully understand is the “why am I doing this?” And “what is in it for me?” Am I looking for overnight successes or can I have a healthy body all my life. Ask yourself these questions and keep the answers in mind on your weight loss journey.

It takes effort to accomplish anything in life, and it also takes change. One of the hardest things to overcome can just be changing your everyday habits. To change your habits, you’ve got to change the
way you think. Most of your weight loss battle will be fought in your mind, and not in the gym or on the track.

One way to stay motivated is to find a picture of a great, healthy body that you would love to have. Print out this picture and put it in your purse or wallet. Others will be more motivated by keeping a
picture close to them of what they look like right now–the ‘before’ photo. Along with whatever picture you choose, write down your goals and some affirmations: “I will be 10 pounds lighter by July 4th.”
“I will fit into that bikini this summer.” “My spouse will tell me I look amazing.” These are just examples, write down what works best for you.

When you’ve selected a few of your personal phrases, they’ll start to trigger your new positive frame of mind. Say these statements to yourself in the morning when you wake up and before every meal. Never
miss them, this will help change your life, and for the better–much better.

You can buy all the workout machines you want and try every crazy diet on the planet if you want. Do this things work? or are they all hype. Most stuff we see on tv is only hype, as some may work it is
still the basic fundamentals about fitness we all should practice.

If you’re in this for long term, great results then you’ve got to change your habits, and your way of thinking. Tell the affirmations to yourself until you really belieive them, and then still say them! Do
this everyday for three weeks and you’ll begin to see weight loss as it was meant to be. You’ll meet new levels of achievement that you didn’t even know existed. Keep sharp and focused on the right things, stay
passionate and consistent about your new way of life and your rewards will soon begin to reap.

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