Passing the Teacher’s Certification Test

Most of us learn a lot about how to take exams when we are in high school or college. But the day you go to take your test to gain your teacher’s certification which will give you the license to teach anywhere in the state can be a day of significant stress. The more you can do to prepare for that test will go a long way to help you keep your nervousness down and survive the testing environment in good shape.

Along with good preparation habits that tap all of the many resources available to you to be ready for this important test, you must have a strategy for taking the test itself. You may recall in college that you may have had a series of superstitions as well as test taking habits that helped you face big tests and survive finals week. In the same way when you walk into that testing facility to take and pass your Teacher’s Certification Test, a strategy for taking the test can be just as important as your preparation strategy that you used to get ready for this important day.

Probably the biggest enemy you will face on testing day is nervousness. Because of the importance of the day and the pressure of the testing environment, anxiety and the testing jitters can become extreme enough to rob you of your concentration and make it less possible for you to focus and do well on the test. So anything we can do to reduce or eliminate test jitters is a big benefit to you when the testing time is upon you.

The preparation process is very much part of your test taking strategy. That is because if you have taken advantage of every coaching and reviewing process, done your remedial study and taken practice exams until they were virtually memorized, you can walk into that testing facility fully confident that you will do well. When you take away any potential for surprises and everything you will encounter in that testing situation is well known and understood, the test day goes from being a day of stress to a day of preliminary celebration because you are that ready to take the certification test.

Before going into the testing hall, make sure you are well rested and well fed. Don’t take any chances with the meals you have before the test. Be sure you eat foods that will settle in your digestive system well and that will give you the energy you need to get through the testing process well. If you do have superstitious items or rituals you feel you must do, do them. This is no time to go through repentance for your superstitious ways. Anything that you can do to relax and be ready to take that test you should do.

Be aware of what you can bring into the test with you both to take the test and in terms of items for your comfort. If you will be able to take the test better with mints or gum at hand, bring those in. Be sure you have had your trip to the lavatory and that your clothing is loose and comfortable on your body. In every way possible eliminate any physical distractions that will cause you worry or anxiety or distraction from the task at hand of passing this important test so you can start your career as a teacher.

When the test gets underway, be methodical and complete in your process of working through the test. First read the test carefully and slowly. Make sure you are absolutely sure you understand everything about the instructions so you can follow them to the letter. The Teacher’s Certification Test is timed so use your time well but don’t let that clock keep you from moving forward in a steady but patient fashion. Keeping your head under pressure will help you finish the test in good time and do well on marking your answers as well.

Go through the test and answer the questions that are easy first. This will increase your confidence when you see that you have finished 60% of the test easily and quickly. Then when you see you have the majority of the time left for the few remaining questions, ou can take your time and reason them out. This approach to testing along with careful marking of your answers is a proven method to assure your success.

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