Paralegals And Notary Public Services

If you are a paralegal, or are planning to enter this career field, you might also like to consider becoming a Notary Public. Although states vary in their requirements for this, if you live in an area where your paralegal training also qualifies you to carry out the duties of a Notary Public, you will be providing a very valuable service to your community.

Whether you live in a large city or a rural location, you may have had the experience of not being able to find a Notary Public when you needed one. In addition, many Notaries are located in banks, post offices, and within other such businesses which often do not have business hours that are as convenient as many people need them to be. If you are qualified to provide this service, it can be both a very helpful way of assisting others, as well as a rewarding experience for you yourself.

Although the classifications of Notaries vary, also, providing this service generally includes the basic duties of administering oaths, being witness to the signing of a variety of legal documents, and placing your Notary Public stamp on each document to verify that you have personally carried out these tasks.

As each state varies in its laws regarding qualifications necessary in order to become a Notary Public, as well as differences in the processes for doing so, if you are interested in providing this service it is essential that you first find out the facts specific to your state. To illustrate how important it is to make certain of your state specific laws well in advance, it is interesting to note that while some states require nothing more than an application and an accompanying fee, others require a licensure examination, and yet others require a prospective Notary Public to be bonded before becoming able to practice. If all of this appears confusing, it need not be; all you really need to do is find out where your state laws stand, meet its requirements, and follow its procedure.

Although it is not likely that you can earn a comfortable living solely by providing Notary Public services, it is a great option to consider in addition to your regular paralegal job. If you are currently working for an attorney, he or she will probably be more than willing to help you get the information that you need regarding the requirements, regulations, and process for becoming a Notary.

If you have ever needed to get an important document notarized on short notice as most of us have! you are already well aware of the need for more people who are willing to provide this service, and willing to provide it at convenient times, in convenient places.

If you are considering taking on the duties of a Notary Public in addition to your regular job as a paralegal, you may be further spurred toward making the decision to do so when you realize exactly how essential this service is to the community.

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