Panic attacks is one of the most frequently experienced disorders in the world

Panic attacks is one of the most frequently experienced disorders in the world. It is estimated that 4 or 5 out of a hundred people are severely affected by it, in one way or another. Because of panic attacks, a casual mood can turn into an eye-popping, jittery, can’t sit-still-on-the-chair mood, like what a husband feels when he’s eagerly waiting for his wife to give birth to their child.

A “little” anxiety is not a bad thing. It helps protect you from harm or potential danger, real or imagined, like other emotions. Let me explain.

Human beings are the most fascinating and intriguing creatures on earth.

The most pronounced reason why we dominate the animal kingdom is because of the way the human brain functions. One of the most distinctive features of the human being is the ability to have feelings. Although we do not necessarily conclude that animals do not have feelings, as evidenced through research on the way they react to certain situations, human feelings have the depth and significance that go far beyond what animals can attain.

For feelings that deliver us good, we expound ways to improve it further. For feelings that deliver us harm and pain, we also try to minimize it or get away from it as much as we can. Anxiety is no exception. There is no need to totally eradicate harmful feelings because at least some of them are not 100% harmful. In small ways they also do us goo. The idea is to control and not be controlled. Let us take fear as an example

Fear, as you know, is one of the most infamous feelings we have as human beings. It is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) deterrents to our success. Yet in spite of the negative perception we may have about fear, it also has its little good side. Fear prevents us from getting hurt, both physically and emotionally. The “little” fear inherent within us is actually good for us. We need that “little” amount of fear. It prevents us from getting too aggressive.

The same is true with panic. A “little” panic can serve as a form of defense. But being engulfed with excessive panic may hinder you from performing your normal activities and may deter you to take action especially on not-so-common activities.

However if you have only one option to facing a panic attack, like it or not, you have to find the right approach to contain such attack and suppress this discomforting feeling.

Panic attacks are actually a product of the mind, an imagination of a perceived threat or danger that can be controlled. In reality, such danger does not exist. Even the worst scenario that you can perceive under these circumstances are not life threatening.

Life is too short to be preoccupied with anxieties that hinder your growth. Find out more about how to eliminate panic and anxiety in the book “How to eliminate anxiety and panic forever” on Ahmed Qubia’s site

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