Pallet Inverters

Being able to effectively move materials around a stock house or factory and gain easy access to the contents of large palletized loads can really improve workplace efficiency and have a positive effect on productivity throughout the working environment. Operating on a just in time basis means being flexible and reacting quickly to whatever demands are made. It also means ensuring that the necessary tools to perform any task are available for staff in order to simplify their work flow. Pallet inverters are a key example of a tool that can be used for many different purposes, and thanks to its unique versatility in use, it can offer a number of effectiveness benefits when it comes to moving goods around and ensuring proper stock control procedures are followed.

The key design feature of a pallet inverter and its actual purpose is to be able to lift a palletized load, and allow it to be flipped over vertically so that the topmost items are placed at the bottom. There are a number of reasons why you would want to do this, including avoiding powder contents in packaging from settling and clumping, or to ensure that items that are at the bottom of the pile are used first to prevent wastage. Pallet inverters provide for easy load transfer from wood pallet to plastic pallet, slip sheet or rental pallet.

A pallet inverter is a simple to use item and can be operated by a single person. The method is very straightforward, and the inversion is carried out in a number of logical steps. The first is to load the pallet onto the forks at the front of the machine. A powerful gas lift operated by a single touch control is then used to raise the load off the ground, and rotate it through 19 degrees. The load can then be pivoted 180 degrees on its axis before being lowered carefully onto a new pallet completely inverted from its original position.

The pallet inverters offer much more than this function however. Thanks to their unique engineering and high quality manufacturing, these trucks double as a pallet truck. The fork lift system can easily raise heavy loads, and is a welcome addition to any docking area or stock house environment. Thanks to the high visibility position of the driver mounted on the back of the vehicle, it is simple to drive in crowded areas, and there are few blind spots where unseen obstacles can get in the way and cause problems for the operator in the form of accidents and incidents that may otherwise cause damage or injury.

Easy to use and highly maneuverable when being driven around the factory floor, these pallet inverters that double as trucks mean that you effectively get two vehicles for the price of one, improving your bottom line through investment, and can allow for an improved working environment for staff thanks to having goods in the right place, and the right condition at the right time for them to be used the right way.

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