Paint Pottery for Girls Night Out

Women around the country are constantly searching for something new and different to do for a great girls night out that doesn’t involve a bar or a highly overrated movie. When you consider the fact that most women have different tastes in books and poetry, book readings or signings are often very hit or miss, physical activity takes some of the fun out of things, and dancing inevitably leaves an odd man (or in this case girl) out. Dinner is great but often over far too soon. How about an evening of painting, laughing, joking, and dishing with the girls at your local paint your own pottery shop?

Seriously this option offers a little something new and different for you and the rest of the girls without putting too serious of a strain on your pocket book. Unless of course you get greedy and decide you simply must have one of everything. This is a new craze that seems to be taking the country by storm. You should be able to find one of these paint your own pottery shops somewhere in the vicinity of where you live and if there isn’t one, this makes a great franchise idea to bring something new and exciting to your locale.

The trick is always going to be making sure that you bring a fun and energetic group of women along on your pottery painting excursion. This is ideal for Red Hat Groups and other women’s clubs that meet across the country as many communities have not only facilities that allow customers to paint their own pottery but most of these facilities also have ‘party rooms’ that allow food, drink, music and fun to be a part of the party. Can you imagine painting your own pottery while listening to great music, snacking on excellent treats, and dishing on the latest gossip, news, and current events with a few of your closest girl friends? More importantly no one gets stuck with all of the cleanup afterwards. It’s a win-win situation for many girls night out groups and just for a group of girls out on the town for an evening or afternoon for that matter.

There are of course other things you can do for a great girl’s night out but few of them offer something you can bring home and display on your mantle when all is said and done. Painting your own pottery isn’t merely fun, it’s also productive. It’s your ability to create as individuals or part of a group, something that will be a lasting reminder of the time you’ve spent together among friends. Very few nights on the town can prove nearly as productive and memorable.

Whether you are celebrating an engagement, new relationship, divorce, new job, promotion, or just the glory of being a girl in the modern age there is something appropriate that can be found at most paint your own pottery type shops to suit the occasion. More importantly you can create these pieces in the manner you see fit. It isn’t someone else’s vision for the piece that you are bringing home at the end of the night (or after the appropriate burning time) but your very own vision. This gives you an even more tangible reminder of the event or situation you happen to be celebrating.

All things considered, the next time it’s your turn to plan a girl’s night out, consider booking a paint your own pottery party for you and the girls. It will definitely be a night to remember and the details will never need to be fuzzy and the reminder of your evening in this situation is much more pleasant than a hang over the morning after as many girl’s nights out end. Check around your area for local shops and possible packages that may be offered. You might be amazed to find out how the price compares to the typical night out you share with the girls.

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