Paint Perfection In Just A Weekend: Tips, Tools And Know-How Make Paint Projects Simple

On any given weekend in the U.S., thousands of people set out to accomplish home improvement projects. However, stumbling blocks such as color selection and knowing where to start can cause DIYers to delay starting their projects.

To make life easier, enhancements to True Value’s Color Made Simple paint program help simplify the often-overwhelming process of selecting paint colors.

“Weekends are a great time to freshen up your home with paint,” says Sloan Payne-Rutter, designer, paint expert, author and host of the public television series “Paint! Paint! Paint!” “Color Made Simple and True Value give DIYers the color selections, paint tools and advice they need to complete paint projects they can be proud of.”

Payne-Rutter suggests the following weekend paint projects to bring a little color into your home:

Shabby Chic Antique:

• Project Idea: Liven up your living room by “antiquing” a coffee table to give it the look of age. The antique look is accomplished with the application of a glaze that is usually earth-toned or darker in color.

• Tip: Use flat paint, which is more porous and absorbs glaze better.

You Light Up My Life:

• Project Idea: Give your kitchen a quick face-lift this weekend without spending a lot of money. Brighten the entire room by simply painting dark cabinets a lighter color and updating cabinet hardware.

• Tip: The fumes from the paint and the primer can get intense, so make sure to open some windows or doors.

It’s Faux Real:

• Project Idea: Add some fun to a child’s bedroom with a faux-finishing paint technique. Sponge painting is a quick and easy decorative painting style that’s popular and perfect for beginners. Use a natural sponge as a paint applicator and two or three colors of paint to create a multicolored, textured effect.

• Tip: Use a clear commercial glaze and tint it with interior paint. Mix one part paint to four parts glaze.

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