Pain Relief Products Versus Warming-up and Stretching

Warming up and stretching are important pre-workout activities that are taken for granted by many individuals who want to improve their health by engaging in physical activities. These activities play critical roles in preparing the body for workouts. Having proper warm-up and stretching routines before workouts may decrease the chances of developing injuries like sprains, strains and spasms. These injuries are common to those who fail to engage in pre-workout activities and over-train. Because of these injuries and the pain and discomfort it brings to pain relief products have been been out in the market to treat these injured individuals. However, if fitness aficionados take time and warm-up and stretch, the use of these products and the development of injuries might be lessened.

Those who workout or are planning to include a fitness program in their routines should remember that stretching and warm-ups are two different things. A lot of people mistaken stretching as the warm-up phase. Stretching is a part of the warm-up routine, but stretching alone is not the warm-up. The term warm-up is a light-aerobic and cardiovascular activity that is done before stretching. It is usually a slower-paced version of the activity that is about to be done. For example, five to ten minutes of brisk walking could be done before jogging or running. Warming up is important because stretching cold muscles may cause injury and do more harm than good. It may improve the level of performance and enhance the recovery process that is needed before training or competition.

Warming-up may also do the following:

increase the heart and respiratory rate
boost the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the muscles
prepare the body for a excruciating workout
make it easier to burn more calories
extend one’s workout routine

Stretching properly may lead to increased range of movements and help prevent injuries by prompting recovery and decreasing muscle soreness. In addition to these health benefits, stretching can improve posture, improve muscle coordination, and improve blood flow. Improved blood flow is essential in muscle recovery because blood carries nutrients to the tissues of the body. When the muscles recover faster, the need for pain relief products may not be necessary. However, stretching should be done properly to achieve its health benefits. Holding stretches for for at least ten seconds and avoiding bouncing are two things that should be remembered. Rapid bouncing should be avoided because it may tear the muscle fibers and tendons and cause serious injury in the long run.

Warming up and stretching before and after working out is important in preventing injuries like sprains, strains, and spasms. These workout routines however should be done properly to reap its health benefits. If done properly, the use of pain relief products may not be necessary However, before starting a fitness program, individuals are encouraged to seek the advice of doctors and other health professionals. They may devise a fitness program and diet appropriate for the health needs of various individuals. Understanding the importance of warming up and stretching is essential in maintaining a healthy body and injury-free lifestyle.

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