Paid Surveys Your Questions Answered

There are literally millions of people searching for ways to make money online every day. One of the most popular ways is taking paid surveys, there are paid survey sites cropping up all over the Internet everyday. Some are good and can send out frequent paid surveys on a daily basis, some are not so good and you may only receive the odd one or two in an average month. I’ve written this article to try and answer some of the most popular questions that are currently being asked about paid surveys.

Can I really be paid for taking survey online?

Yes, there are thousands of legitimate market research companies in the world who will offer incentives for you giving your opinion online. Companies worldwide go to these market research companies and pay them to send out online surveys, the survey sites then pass on part of this payment to you.

How am I paid for taking these surveys?

You can be paid in a variety of ways. Obviously the best way is in either cash or cheque, cash would usually be sent via an online account such as Paypal. A lot of survey sites are also opting to pay you in High Street Vouchers or online gift vouchers with Amazon being one of the most popular. The rest will enter you into draws to win prizes, some with hundreds of draws every month and others with one large cash prize every month. There are also some sites that will send you a product to test, once the test is over you will get to keep the product and get paid for the testing.

What topics are the surveys on?

Online surveys can be on literally anything you can possibly think of. Some Survey sites are topic related such Politics, Movies or Medical sites that help companies develop new drugs. The list is endless.

How do Paid Survey Sites actually work?

Firstly you need to find a decent site that will show you a list of the free to join survey sites, there are hundreds of these sites online which can be found with very little effort. Next register on the site, registration usually comprises of your name, address, date of birth and e-mail address, usually basic information. Once you have registered and confirmed your details you will have to fill in some profile questions, all survey sites require you to fill in these profile questions so they can match you to the correct surveys. By filling in this information you will find that you will receive a lot more surveys. When a survey is available that matches your profile you will be sent a link via e-mail, clicking on the link will take you directly to the survey.

Should I pay to get access to a database of survey site?

NO! I would never recommend paying to access a database of paid survey sites. Every one of these sites are available to view online free of charge and there are hundreds of sites that will provide you with all the information at no cost to yourself. Also Market Research companies are prohibited from charging people to take part in surveys.

How much can I make?

This is all dependent on how many survey sites you actually register with. As a UK resident I would say there is currently around 50 quality paid survey sites in the UK, some are extremely well known and have millions of members right down to the newer sites that are appearing on an almost daily basis. Worldwide there are hundreds if not thousands of these paid survey sites. If you were to register with all of the ‘quality’ sites you could be looking at earning between £1000 to £2000 a year or equivalent in vouchers or other forms of payment. Probably not enough to start a new career taking surveys but certainly enough for some extra cash maybe for students, housewife’s or anyone with an e-mail address and a little extra time looking for some extra income online.

So is it all worth it?

Personally I would say yes as its always nice to get the latest free products through the post, get a cheque for an extra £50 here and there, receive an online gift voucher so you can purchase the latest CD or DVD or if your lucky win a larger cash prize for completing just one survey. You not going to make a fortune taking online surveys but I’m sure that extra cash will always come In handy. Also you will be helping Companies Worldwide in developing better products in the future.

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