Paid Opinion Surveys – Let The Truth Be Told About Paid Online Surveys

According to more websites than I care to count, it is possible to make more money than you ever dreamed filling out paid opinion surveys. The sites promise that you can get rich sitting on your butt in your underwear, watching TV in your living room and occasionally filling out a survey. In my general experience, if something seems to good to be true it usually is. Still, I thought that I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t at least look into the industry and see if what they said was true.

Not surprisingly, in just a month I had been scammed out of a couple hundred dollars by websites that never gave me a paycheck, not even for a dollar. This is why I was surprised to hear that one of my friends had quit her day job in order to work from home filling out surveys. Surely she was making a mistake, I thought to myself.

Well, apparently I was the one who made the mistake because she started raking in the money shortly after she started. I asked her what made her experience so much different than mine, and she told me that she simply joined the right paid survey sites. Once I found out the resources she had been using, I joined and had a look around. Wow, had I been missing out.

Not only can you make a great living filling out paid opinion surveys, but you can also get money by participating in focus groups. Besides that, when you join you get all kinds of cool free bonuses, like information on how to get paid to drive your car around town. A few of the sites even have an income calculator that you can use to figure out exactly how big your paychecks will be each month. These sites have totally changed my opinion about whether or not it’s possible to make money taking paid surveys.

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