Paid Opinion Survey Programs – Can You Really Make Money From Home Taking Paid Opinion Surveys?

Are you wondering what all the hype is about the paid opinion survey industry? I know I was, so I decided to do a little bit of investigating. The first thing that I discovered is that there are a lot of scam sites out there. When I say a lot, I mean the majority of the sites that claim to be able to make you boatloads of money from filling out surveys are a rip off.

The way they work is simple: you pay a huge membership fee to join in exchange for a list of paid surveys that you can take to make money. The way they get you is in the list. Usually, they are ridiculously old and outdated, and the surveys are closed. In many cases, they require your credit card information and they continually charge you for membership month after month, until you actually cancel.

The next thing I learned about the paid opinion survey industry is that you actually can pay all of your bills using money you make from paid survey sites. Once you get through all of the horror stories that detail how people have lost hundreds of dollars as a result of joining shady sites, you’ll find many happy people who, to this day, continue to make up to a few thousand dollars each month filling out surveys. The trick, as they say, is to find a legitimate survey site.

In all of my research and experience with the paid opinion survey industry, there are only a handful of sites that I would recommend. Unlike sites that steal your money, there are some very good resources available to help you get started.. As long as you commit to filling out a certain number of surveys, you’ll see huge paychecks each month. Best yet, the site even has an income calculator that you can use to figure out exactly how big your paychecks will be!

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