PageRank Paranoia

PageRank determines how well your site is. PageRank values may vary depending on your site’s performance. In order to see your site’s PageRank values, download the same from Google. Marketing analysts and administrators want to be updated with the PageRank so as to determine where to exert more effort in marketing the sites.

What is involved in the PageRankmania? Usually, the Google toolbar fetches the PageRank values from the data center with the use of its IP address. Values come in simple text files to the toolbar. When the Google Dance begins it displays the old PageRank values.

Administrators and marketers are having a hard time finding strategies to keep the PageRank high so as to give them greater opportunity than those sites found under them. How do they keep up with the tough competition?

Administrators and marketers alike are discovering lots of techniques to increase their site’s PageRank. Some of these techniques include submission of articles to various submissions sites, subscribing to forums, blogs, blog commenting, directory submissions, reciprocal linking, three-way linking, and offering discounts. These techniques are already proven. Aside from these techniques, administrators and marketers are still discovering more.

Google search engine as well as the rest of the search engines is actively finding the keywords in a site. Keywords have to be placed in the right position and with the right density in order for search engines to locate it instantly.

What though is the essence of this mania?
If there are hundreds of sites with the same keywords and your site landed on the first page of the search engine, imagine the advantage, imagine the opportunity. Now, imagine no more for it can be your reality.

Let’s face it, viewers and searchers are lazy enough to browse over all the sites in that resulted from their queries. Obviously, they will select the ones on the first page especially those situated on a higher ranking.

If you are one of those situated in higher rank chances are you will get most of the viewers. This will be greatly advantageous on your site. Greater viewers mean greater chance of marketing your goods or services.

Work the PageRankmania to your advantage. It surely pays off.

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