Packaging FAQ: Answers To Basic Questions About Packaging

* What are some creative packaging ideas that will stand out to my customers?

Creative packaging ideas are necessary in order for your products to stand out. Here are some tips for you to ponder upon:

– Go for unique designs and creations

– Use multiple colors, sizes and shapes, varying on a theme

– Make use of some colorful stickers

– Place it inside a box printed or wrapped with unusual designs

* What kind of decorative packaging is available?

Although there are several decorative packaging styles, the primary decorative packaging that is currently available is handcrafted wrapping paper. These commonly used, imported decorative papers make your product more attractive.

* How do you find a company to package your product?

It is important for you to find a credible company that will help you in the packaging of your product so that it will be noticed by buyers. The best thing for you to do is to visit the site of the leading search engines and find the noted companies that do such services.

* What are U.S. regulations for shipping food items?

U.S. Regulations are strictly implemented for the shipping of food items. This ensures the quality of the food products they are shipping. This is in accordance with the laws prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. The regulations include the following:

– Types of commodities covered

– Types of commodities exempted

– Registration

– Prior Notice of importation

* What are some tips for sending packages internationally?

When you send a package internationally, it is important that you follow certain procedures to secure your package so that it will arrive in good condition. Here are some of the procedures you need to follow:

– Be sure to fill out the packaging form completely and appropriately.

– Select the right box for your package.

– Pack the items tightly; you can put some cushioning inside the box for fragile products.

– Seal the package carefully.

– Buy insurance on your package so that you can make a claim in case of loss.

– Print the address correctly.

* Is any old cardboard box adequate for shipping in the U.S.?

U.S. shipping companies are firm when it comes to their shipping regulations. Old cardboard boxes are not adequate for shipping. Make sure that the boxes are in good shape with no damage at all. This is done for the protection of the product inside the box.

* What is the cheapest, most effective way to ship clothing?

So far, the most effective way for you to ship clothing at less cost is the ShurTuff Mailers. Shipping is easy because you can just wrap the clothing in tissue paper and you place it in this water-resistant mailer.

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