Package Forwarding Services

The United States of America has a prominent place in the global market because of its new, unique and innovative products. Thanks to computerization and Internet, people throughout the world have easy access to different products and services that are launched in the US market. Many shopping portals are cashing upon this craze for American products by selling those online. But the actual problem lies in the delivery of products.

Most of the US retailers don’t show any interest for cross-border shipping and those who are ready to do so create a financial burden that is beyond your imagination. There is also severe doubt regarding the safe and fast delivery of package as it takes a long period to reach you and it is better not to speak about the condition of the package. As a result, you might have to repent on the decision of purchasing from America. Of late, many companies like have come to the rescue of these customers by offering effective solutions to their problems.

The first thing a customer comes across is the website of the company. The is well designed and contains all the related information for the first time users. The Company provides a USA address to its clients. To get a USA address, you need to register with the company. The registration process is completed in six easy steps. You will have the option of choosing from different rate plans like Free Plan and Advanced Plan which is further categorized as Basic, Plus and Premium Plan. The website has secured Internet payment gateways through which you can make payments by credit cards, Paypal and Money bookers account.

A USA address is a real American street address and not a post box number. The USA retailers will accept it as your valid shipping destination. The Company receives the products on your behalf. You can always access and control your packages through secure, 24 hour online service. The company also displays a detail 640 by 480 pixels image of your package. Apart from that, the client can know about the sender, package size, package description, package condition and other additional comments and details. Its online representatives are always there to redress your grievances.
On receipt of your merchandise, its staff will open the package and verify the products to make sure that the products conform to the specifications given by the client. The client can review, choose, consolidate, reject or accept the package instantly.

The Package Forwarding Services ensures safe repacking of the products. The consignment arrives at your location in 4 to 7 working days. The shipping cost is always lees than regular shipping charges. So the company facilitates smooth delivery of the merchandise and wipes out all your past bad experiences about package delivery. So your all shopping solutions are just few mouse clicks away.

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