Ozone Air-Purifiers – Eliminate Unwanted Odors And Pollutants From The Air

Ozone air-purifiers are known for their effectiveness of reducing the odors in your room or surrounding spaces. The smells of contaminants like new carpets and acrolein, pet odors and tobacco smoke, bacteria smell and rotten odors can be specially removed through the help of ozone air-purifiers. Ozone is a highly reactive oxidant that aids in the destruction of certain bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants in the air. So the ozone air-purifiers can prove to be truly effective for cleaning the air in the surroundings.

The working of ozone air-purifiers is simple but unique. When ozone reacts with various substances or contaminants in the air, these contaminants are broken down into other materials that are also termed as pollutants. Ozone comprised of three oxygen molecules converts certain contaminants in the air to carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, formic acid and a variety of aldehydes. So the air gets easily purified when cleaned with ozone air-purifiers.

Types of ozone air-purifiers

Ozone air-purifiers are available in two versions: the direct ozone generators and the indirect ozone generators.

1. The direct ozone generators – usually work by producing ozone that filters out some chemicals in the air of the surrounding spaces. The ozone generators are highly effective for removing odors in the bars, reducing burnt smell completely during fire restoration jobs and in removing smells in other major odor issues.

2. The indirect ozone generators – these are part of the ionic air purification systems that produce and emit out negatively charged ions into the atmosphere causing the air-chemicals and particles to drop into the grounds and floor surfaces. You can clean off the dust and dirt particles once they are on the grounds, thereby purging the air completely.

But when you are using the ozone air-purifiers you should be quite careful. According to Environmental Protection Agency, ozone has been known for decreasing lung functions and body activities, aggravate asthma and other respiratory ailments, increase cough and chest pain, cause shortness of breath and inflame the lung tissue and increase the susceptibility to respiratory infections.

When you are using it, try to vacate the premises including pets, plant pots, art and other valuable items that are made of rubber. Seal the building and keep the generator running for few days so that all the pollutants, unwanted odors and contaminants gets ventilated. The human health institutions have recommended worldwide that a maximum of outdoor ozone exposure should be 50 to 80 ppb [parts per billion].

Advantages of using ozone air-purifiers

The ozone air-purifiers prove to be truly efficient for the following purposes:

-Protects you from pollutants, contaminants and unwanted microorganisms in the atmosphere.

-Reduces viruses and bacteria from the atmosphere thereby decreasing the spread of diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases.

-Can be installed almost anywhere in the homes because they are portable, lightweight and flexible.

A word of caution suggests that you should limit the use of ozone air-purifiers specially indoor to reduce any ill-effects on the inhabitants. The ozone air-purifiers can be truly effective for outdoor purposes. But for even regular outdoors, check out indirect ozone generators with a low tested emission rate to reduce all possible ill effects on common people.

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