Overweight and Dying – Mummy Stay With Me A Little Longer

Scientists have now discovered that skeletal frame humans are more vulnerable to bouts of anxiety than that of oversized happy porkers that at the time of study were found to be less prone to depression in their recent research.
Then in the same article a snippet revealed how a 16 year study stated that slim people are more confident and content, surely this is a great factor for happiness denoting a safe healthy life.

The results and outcome say’s that being fat is the making of a happy person. Tell us something new we have had this drummed into us since we learnt to say dada. Two celebrities were mentioned in the article Fern Britton /Victoria Wood for e.g. both with failed marriages behind them. No laughter at that time for these obese characters.

Fern Britton said medical staff informed her of how she is cutting her life short by her excess weight, she went onto say how she finds it all terrifying, but then questions herself as to would her kids like to see their mummy frustrated and depressed. It would be nice to be remembered as a jolly old soul she states, balderdash.
Being able to slip into a figure hugging size 10.12 dress is enough to banish any bouts of depression/anxiety that so many people crave and battle with the bulge to have. Were the children’s thoughts considered at any time where you may bet they would love to have mummy for as long as they could regardless of her mood swings…

Surveys are never a 100% especially when trying to find out how a fat person really feels on the inside? More untruths unfold about a person and their needs when a questionnaire is filled out.
Climbing the stairs, out of breath spasms, running for a bus, comfort on an aeroplane are all out of the question for an obese person not to mention the verbal abuse from ignoramuses on the streets. Tell me where the happiness can be in that.

My heart goes out to obese people through no fault of their own have to suffer the burden of carrying extra weight due to an illness, only to endure more pain from those ignoramuses I spoke of earlier, Remember these patients have a passport to enter into the medical world and seek attention regardless of their size, but as we all know no passport no hospital treatment for those who have self inflicted this disability on themselves.

Overweight and want to do something about it, diets I agree do not work for most people in their quest to slim down so why not consider a whole different way to approach the matter. Just by cutting down and a little more exercise is a fantastic move forward for any one serious about bettering themselves. When you find the new you, why not go onto further your education and do better things with life and that is to start living.

Is it a good thing to be able to reach into a person’s thoughts? Of course, this way no more disasters like that of the 911 bombings, but on the other hand it may cause more damage where the broken hearted overweight people’s tears would flow faster than that of a tsunami.

Jolliness/giggles/smiles/ are not enough to prove that the fat man is a happy. When the laughter comes from the heart then maybe just maybe you will know this sign of happiness is for real.

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