Overcoming Fear

Fears can be real or they can be something you have imagined and then let take on a life of their own. In many instances fear may be nothing more than a learn behavior and a set response you have to the situation. Sometimes it isn’t the object itself that causes the fear but the situation surrounding it. You may have forgotten all about the situation but not what you are afraid of. For example you may be afraid of clowns but not know why. Likely you had a bad experience with one long ago though.

It isn’t uncommon for a person to block out a traumatic experience. Yet this can lead to them having significant fears about it. Some types of fears such as the dark can be the result of a trauma that happened in the dark. It isn’t just children that suffer from this type of fear either. With children though the fear of the dark is more about imagined images. With adults it is the result of some events that have taken place in the dark.

Since fear is often a learned behavior though, you can overcome it by changing the way you react to it. Try to dig and find out why you are really afraid of it. Psychologists are very good at helping patients to uncover the truth through therapy and exercises. Sometimes it is exposing the person to that fear. For example if you are afraid of snakes you may need to hold one in a controlled environment. Learning all about them may help you to be less fearful as well.

If your fear is unfounded though you can also talk yourself through it. For example you may want to remind yourself that it can’t harm you and instead of reacting as you normally do focus on your breathing. Keeping it regulated as well as your heartbeat can help to offset the effects of fear. If you don’t let these symptoms occur they won’t trigger the same level of fear as before.

Since fear is different for each of us, there is no set formula that is going to work well everyone. You may have to try out several approaches before you come up with what works well for you. If you aren’t able to offset the fears on your own incorporate the help of a professional. This way you won’t need to continue spending your time fighting these feelings.

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