Over Compulsive Disorder – OCD I Cry Alone

To gain control of our actions first we need to face up to the OCD and believe in ourselves that we can fight this fight single handed if need be. I say single handed purely because this battle is one sided (between you and you). Medication is readily available to combat and ease the symptoms but for results you have to work hand in hand with prescribed medicines and listen to medical advisors. This has proven to be successful for many of our fellow sufferers of over compulsive disorder(OCD)

Patients in desperation who take a stand and decide enough is enough, go on to topple this illness thus claiming contentment after liberation. The cure is out there whether you opt to take it is another matter, freedom beats being a prisoner inside of your own thoughts where mind over matter, matters.
All patients differ where in some cases symptoms are more severe than that of others. There is no need to try and beat this alone, yes I did mention this was between you and you, but where is the harm in having a little support behind you.

The cause behind many a sufferer’s OCD remains a mystery, regardless of not knowing why and how it all started the sufferer continues to carry on with their repetitive compulsions in return for peace of mind.
A combination of factors have been addressed which could probably be the cause, it has not been ruled out that in some cases it is hereditary. More prone to OCD are people who are susceptible to stress. Perfectionists also come under threat from developing this disorder.

In America approx one in 50 adults currently suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) double that number for the amount of people who in the past at some point been gripped by this self destroying illness.

2% of the population have been recognised as sufferers of OCD but just who really are the true sufferers. Family, friends, children even strangers are affected. Any one in general who proves to be a threat where an OCD patient is interrupted or prevented from performing his/her repetitive rituals in the home or out on the street is not welcomed with open arms.
Figure in numbers for all infected and affected by OCD, is now a population over populated with an epidemic.

I still fight this battle alone but as I stated earlier the success rate in curing an over compulsive disorder (OCD) sufferer is quite high but it is a time thing so don’t expect miracles overnight. I am going to be honest with all who are reading this article. I found coping with my OCD over the years easier than trying to fight it where it caused a lot of heartache and pain. I hasten to add most importantly at this point we all differ greatly. What works for one may not work for the other.

Symptoms of OCD to an outsider can be looked on as quite hilarious, but then you have the fellow sufferer with understanding on obsessive compulsive disorder who can relate to why a victim’s tears just keep on flowing.
Please consult a doctor if you or someone close may have developed any signs of this disorder.

A little advice, if you choose to ignore this warning then I know I do cry not alone.

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